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  1. I will limit my response to cryo, no you cannot fake that with the kitchen freezer.   They just don't go low enough.  A slurry of dry ice might be iffy, no real experience on my part to say, but reading from those who do cryo they use liquid nitrogen which would require you to get a talwar.



  2. You do a kindness with other beginners when you leave your mistakes posted.  Not only to you leave a solution to those who heave the same problem but you make them feel less stupid.  Like when it took me half the day to notice that the POLs have left handed screws.:rolleyes:



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  3. A KSO is a knife shaped object and I don't think yours qualifies.  I agree with John it looks like a trailing point skinner.  Antler you can get at places like Moscow Hide and Fur.  Antler and horn can also be had at most of your knife supply houses.  Just be warned, antler reeks when it's sanded.  The last time I worked with it it took3 days to get the smell out.  I'm fortunate that I live alone or the wife could have given me the devil.



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