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  1. Excellent info, you guy's are the top's! Keep it coming!
  2. Ron, yes we have the yellow smoke at start up, so my coal probably is not the best. I will look around for suppliers of bituminous (soft) coal. Thanks for the heat treat info and the ABANA info! Joe
  3. I thought coal was coal,,, what do you recon it is that I'm getting off the tracks?
  4. Archie, we are using coal picked up along our local rail road tracks. Is this appropriate?
  5. Larry, good to see someone from the TG site one here. It must mean this site is a good one as well! Tell, that sure looks like nice work you did! Thanks for the welcome guy's and I will read up a bit more before asking a bunch of questions. I'll be back soon!
  6. Hello, My name is Joe Weed and I live in southern Ohio. I am using the handle "Osagetree" on this site. My 23 year old Son and I have become interested in building knives, hachets & some simple tools. We made us a simple coal forge as an experiment to see if we would remain interested or if we could even do some fabricating of knives using RR spikes, plate metal and rebar. We just jumped the knowlege gun so to speak and went right at pounding on our Rail Road Rail for our anvil. We made a couple things that resemles knives, but the are not heat treated correctly. We are now t
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