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  1. Superb work, thanks for sharing Matt !!!!
  2. Nice work! tanks for sharing!!
  3. very nice sword !!! thanks for showing! best regards
  4. Hello everyone!!! This post is a little long, because it tells the story of a love at first sight that began a few years ago, when I first saw an XVIIIc of Alexandria's arsenal. I was seeing her and wanting to have her. It takes some years to acquire the necessary skills to try to build it. Here is the result. I first obtained a facsimile of the Park Lane Arms catalog as a guide. Since the described sheet of only 4 mm was as fine as it was strong, we started with a steel cut silhouette 1070, tempered and straightened, which remained at 55 RC. Then, I started making the concave bevels in the belt sander with a curved back with a wide radius, to achieve a just center to edge emptying. He was controlling the distal taper without touching the forte and reaching 2.5 mm at the tip I finished the central bevels by hand. the thickness of the edge is 0.7 mm in the strong and low to 0, 3 in the percussion point. I was ready for defense and Pommel. A little ornament with gold inlays and a Venetian silver coin from the year 1400, but minted today! then we start with the wooden hilt covered with thread and upper leather. Once ready, it was sharpened and polished. I started with the scabbard in a livable way with two wooden caps emptied with a trail of wool fillet inside and vegetable tanned leather 2 mm thick. we choose a suitable renaissance motif to chisel on the surface of the leather, once ready, we dye and wax the surface irregularly then we prepare the chappel with a simple engraving. And here is the result. As always, I say that the next one will be better. The measures are as follows: blade lengt 88 cm, blade width 75 mm , weight 1400 grs , pp 55 cm, pb 12.5 cm. It feels light and agile in the hand.
  5. As always, an extraordinary job !!!!, thanks for sharing Florian
  6. Hello Kris! awesome work! If those are the first steps I'm sure the next ones will be outstanding! thanks for show, greetings, leonardo
  7. beautiful jobs! Congratulations!
  8. Hi Salem! wonderful work in the dagger and and beautiful mechanical hammer, congratulations for both!
  9. this information is very useful to the best I can help you. best regards http://www.blademag.com/knifemaking/knifemaking-swordsmithing-how-to-make-a-hamon
  10. Hi Collin, Incredible work, good management of steel and coal forge, extreme skills, I hope to see more of it as follows.
  11. Congratulations to both, it's a crazy thing! Thank you very much for showing, I look forward to seeing the sword finished! regards
  12. Amazing Post !!!! I do not have words to thank everyone for such accurate information
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