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  1. Aloha Gang, This is the very last of the 1800s wrought iron round bar that I will offer up... I am keeping what's remaining for myself... but had an inquiry from a member here who wanted to see if I had any left in the past week and after shipping their box off yesterday... this is what is left... So I figured I'd offer it up to folks who were looking for smaller bars to hand forge on last chance to pick this up.... Here's what's left.... 13 - 1/2" diameter bars about 11+ inches long @12lbs for all 13 of them - ALL GONE 80 - 3/4" diameter bars about the same length @1.5lbs each bar...
  2. Aloha Gang, This is still available... one last bump before I list it on the bay.... Great tool in Great condition.... Have a great Friday and Weekend! Take Care and God Bless, C
  3. Aloha Collin, PM sent... Thanks again... Happy New Year! Take Care and God Bless, Craig
  4. Aloha Collin, Sorry for the delay... Yes I do have 3/4... also have two pieces of the wrought wagon wheel rims that a local guy never picked up... so that's available as well... they are here http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=32116 Let me know how much you want and I'll get back with you.... Thanks for the interest and Happy New Year! Take Care and God Bless, Craig
  5. Sorry... posted the wrong picture on the second page of contents for the Verhoeven book... don't want to mess up the order... so here it is...
  6. Aloha Gang, Got two more books up for grabs.... Steel Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist by John D. Verhoeven Excellent almost new condition I see this for around $100 $GONE to a new home Shipped Priority Insured to the USA... and Steel Heat Treatment Handbook by George E. Totten and Maurice A. H. Howes Hard cover 2005 reprint by Marcel Dekker Inc. I see this go for ridiculous ranges from $50 for paperback all the way up to $350... reasonable looks like $150-200 $GONE to a new home Shipped Priority Insured to the USA... Excellent almost new condition Thanks for looking Merry
  7. Aloha Brian, Thanks for the kind comment... yup it's a 0-1" I'm feeling in a Christmas kind of mood so if anyone is looking for a gift... although It's gonna arrive a bit late even if I ship priority.... Grab this beauty for $GONE Shipped Priority Insured with tracking to the USA only.... Merry Christmas All! Take Care and God Bless, Craig
  8. Aloha Gang, Got a ASM Heat Treater's Guide that I picked up brand new and opened 3 times... so pretty much brand new.... These go for $300 new... $GONE to a new home Shipped Priority Insured with Tracking to the USA.... Thanks for looking... Have a great Sunday! Take Care and God Bless,
  9. Aloha Gang, I have listed a Foredom H Series 1/3 HP Flex Shaft Motor Tool Plus Extras that I picked up for a backup for my Mastercarver and Dremels and never used.... You can google to find the specs and costs... I have tested everything and all works fine.... This listing includes Foredom H Series 1/3 HP Flex Shaft Motor Tool... Best prices I can find are around $200-250 Foredom Cast Iron Foot Speed Controller... Best prices I can find are around $60 Foredom Bench Speed Controller... Best prices I can find are around $60 Foredom 44T Handpiece... Best prices I can find are around $
  10. Thanks buddy.... Appreciate you letting me know it arrived safely... Have a great week! Take Care and God Bless, Craig
  11. Aloha Gang, Another tool I picked up when I was going to do some wood stabilizing and some bowyer work... too many other things so this is just sitting... Hopefully someone here can use this great tool... I have listed a Wagner MMC220 Extended Range Pinless Wood Moisture Meter that I picked up and never used... Protective plastic is still on the face... This also comes with the black Pelican Case that I picked up to store the unit... Please see the pics... I also powered it up to show the display at zero and on a piece of Yew I had in the shop.... You can google this and find the specs an
  12. Aloha Gang, Found a few more items in the shop that are just sitting ... I have listed a Starrett model T 230 XRL Micrometer that I picked up and tested it and then just put it back in its wrap and box and put it away... Just don't have the need I thought I would for this kind of accuracy.... From what I found... these run around $200-$250 or more.... You can google it and find the specs... here's some from Starrett's site... Micrometer Type: Outside Range (in): 0-1" Graduations (in): .0001" Anvil/Spindle Material: Carbide Anvil Type: Flat Spindle Type: Flat Lock Nut Type: Knurled Ring
  13. LOL... so someone asked about a Cyber Monday deal... $GONE shipped to the USA only... for today... Have a great day everyone! Take Care and God Bless, Craig
  14. LOL... someone asked... so Black Friday deal? $GONE for the weekend.... Take Care and God Bless, Craig
  15. Aloha Gang, I have listed an ATI Professional Welding Course I purchased from AGI that includes 10 DVDs If you google "AGI ATI Professional Welding Course" you find some videos with sample clips you can watch... older gentleman in a blue shirt.... I believe knowing how to weld is a pretty handy and in some cases important thing to know how to do... fabricating or repairing tools, jigs etc.... This course will get you up to speed pretty darn quickly.... and covers the all important safety aspects as well.... This is an excellent course and while I did not send in the certification test (onl
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