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  1. Dan P.

    Thought fer the day, / add yours if you like

    "As you go through life, my son, Two rules you must never bend. Never whittle towards yourself, Or pee into the wind."
  2. Dan P.

    White Out as anti-scale

    My question was rhetorical because I'm guessing that nobody knows the answer. Did it work for you or not? i. e. Did the blade achieve the expected hardness?
  3. Dan P.

    White Out as anti-scale

    I imagine it depends on how much you buy, where you buy it from, and/or whether you can make it yourself. The anti-scale compound I've used has a large component of carbon/graphite, and was made specifically to inhibit scale and decarb. Does whiteout stop decarb too? (a semi rhetorical question)
  4. Dan P.

    London hammer.

    They carbon dated it, and the cheese that the Moon is made out of predates the human invention of cheese by millenia!! Lol, you Americans with all your spare time!
  5. Dan P.

    White Out as anti-scale

    Years ago there was a brief fad for blacksmiths to draw pretty pictures on a bit of mild steel with tippex, then leave it in a good and oxidizing gas forge. "Fire etching" they called it. Isn't it a rather expensive option compared to commercial anti-scale compound?
  6. Dan P.

    Best beginner steel

    For general smithing information, this might be a more fruitful forum, I think they organize classes and things too; https://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/53-blacksmiths-and-metalworkers-association-of-the-south-west-uk/ For beginner steel EN9 is fine. A good supplier for that is Furnival Steel in Dronfield (or somewhere in that area). He will do lengths, and will post, obviously. A good supplier for slightly better grades, such as 80CrV2, CS95 etc. is; http://springsteelstock.co.uk/, who have been very helpful to me in the past. For more instant gratification Cromwell Tools will sell you a wide variety of sections of O1 in short lengths online, O1 being easier to HT than EN9, though a good bit harder to forge. They deliver very quickly too. For anvils -ebay. You know, Exeter Devon, Alabama! Lol
  7. Dan P.


    Looks like the kind of thingummy coopers use.
  8. Dan P.


    3"x30" Grindr is my humorous allusion to the infamous hookup app of the same name. I'm not sure how popular it is up there in the Yukon territory. Also not sure if runes are popular on Grindr, though it wouldn't be the first time I've been proven ignorant on such matters..
  9. Dan P.


    A local industrial abrasives supplier. hmmm, I think 2hp?
  10. Dan P.


    my new grinder being used by some random hobo beatnik;
  11. Dan P.

    nickel carbon stop

    Very thin for sure, but the received wisdom is that -if- it is carbon migration it should not be there at all with nickel.
  12. Dan P.

    nickel carbon stop

    Here’s the m/s, ni, carbon mix. (Photo attached) There’s a faint shadow on the m/s Perhaps it’s not carbon migration at all? The flux used was borax/boric acid/sal ammoniac/iron powder.
  13. Dan P.

    nickel carbon stop

    So this an example of why I originally asked this question (photo attached) It’s w/i, nickel and silver steel. The dark shadow at the edge of the w/i is something I’ve always understood to be carbon migration. Perhaps it’s something else. This mixture swapping w/i for m/s also shows a faint shadow on the m/s side, albeit less than without the nickel. This blade took maybe two welding heats, and otherwise was not held at high temperatures for long periods. Any thoughts?
  14. Dan P.

    Forged in canada anvil

    That angle at the heel has me badly triggered.
  15. Dan P.

    My new hammer

    I don't know how much it weighs (it weighs plenty), but it is not as stable as it could be. The design makes it weirdly front and top heavy, and its on sleepers which I don't think helps. But it is a lovely little machine. And it's also hands down the noisiest power hammer I've ever seen. It out-noisies air hammers four times its size. With ease. I guess because it is a mechanical? Instead of the full spectrum thump of an air hammer there is just an almighty slap at a phenomenally penetrating frequency when forging anything under about 1/4".