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  1. Dan P.


    A local industrial abrasives supplier. hmmm, I think 2hp?
  2. Dan P.


    my new grinder being used by some random hobo beatnik;
  3. Dan P.

    nickel carbon stop

    Very thin for sure, but the received wisdom is that -if- it is carbon migration it should not be there at all with nickel.
  4. Dan P.

    nickel carbon stop

    Here’s the m/s, ni, carbon mix. (Photo attached) There’s a faint shadow on the m/s Perhaps it’s not carbon migration at all? The flux used was borax/boric acid/sal ammoniac/iron powder.
  5. Dan P.

    nickel carbon stop

    So this an example of why I originally asked this question (photo attached) It’s w/i, nickel and silver steel. The dark shadow at the edge of the w/i is something I’ve always understood to be carbon migration. Perhaps it’s something else. This mixture swapping w/i for m/s also shows a faint shadow on the m/s side, albeit less than without the nickel. This blade took maybe two welding heats, and otherwise was not held at high temperatures for long periods. Any thoughts?
  6. Dan P.

    Forged in canada anvil

    That angle at the heel has me badly triggered.
  7. Dan P.

    My new hammer

    I don't know how much it weighs (it weighs plenty), but it is not as stable as it could be. The design makes it weirdly front and top heavy, and its on sleepers which I don't think helps. But it is a lovely little machine. And it's also hands down the noisiest power hammer I've ever seen. It out-noisies air hammers four times its size. With ease. I guess because it is a mechanical? Instead of the full spectrum thump of an air hammer there is just an almighty slap at a phenomenally penetrating frequency when forging anything under about 1/4".
  8. Dan P.

    My new hammer

    New to me. Neat little thing, a 1948 1/2 Cwt Massey spring hammer. https://www.instagram.com/p/BkLFSZdgqoH/?taken-by=danprendergastknives
  9. Lol, that's industry standard!
  10. Dan P.

    Discussion with "The Boss"

    Mrs. P. was easily sold on the fact that charcoal can be used for BBQ.
  11. Dan P.

    Soon my old shop will be coming down...

    Sad day/happy day. That roof is built like a brick sh*thouse though. My workshop roof looks about the same size, but has stone tiles, and maybe 2 or 3 joists (and all rotten battens) to hold maybe a ton of stone up.
  12. Dan P.

    Most popular Lighting Fixture Styles - Need your helps

    I personally like classic 20s-60's industrial lighting, things like enamelled shades in racing green, articulated lamps, pretty much anything involving bakelite.
  13. Nobody's doubting the science, but speaking for myself I would rather have science and opinion presented at a respectable distance from one another.
  14. I'd love to read the peer reviewed studies on the difference in performance between optimally HT'd 1080 and 52100 in the application for which you used them. Or are your statements perhaps more opinion based?
  15. I will second this. It is a meme that I believe originated on Kevin Cashen's site, and is repeated continually, often almost verbatim across the internet. Give a novice 1080 and it is very possible or even likely that they will produce a knife with enlarged grain structure. I've seen that many times. It can also be prone to warping. O1, on the other hand, is ubiquitous for a reason, and except through utterly egregious mishandling it is very easy to produce a hard knife with fine grain that is relatively stable in the quench. It is the Ron Jeremy of steels.