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  1. Those who know more than me can PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong. As for removing carbon, I'm understanding that if you move the floor of your furnace up to about 1 1/2" below the tuyere, you can remove carbon. As for keeping it the same as it is, I really don't know.
  2. Okay, I'm reviving an old dead post here, I know. But I just brought home some more .078 gauge steel today if anyone is interested. I honestly thought the .065 would be the more popular, but I've been wrong before. If interested, please send me a pm.
  3. I've started studying the links. They are very interesting with much information to digest. I'll be spending a while there.
  4. Wow Darrell! Thanks for the input! I'll be going to Easter services at church soon so I don't have time to check out the links this morning. I will definitely check them out when I get home. The ore that I have was given by Mark Green. It has been under my carport for a couple of years now. I'm really looking forward to this!
  5. Okay, great! This helps out a WHOLE LOT! I can't wait to gather the rest of the things I need and get started.
  6. Thanks for the answers. As for the charcoal, our local Wal-mart has stopped carrying Royal Oak. I'll check with others in the surrounding areas. Considering that I'm not all that "into" Japanese blades, I simply want a high carbon bloom. Also considering that this will be my first attempt at a smelt, I don't think I could manage multiple tuyeres yet. I contacted Jesus Hernandez about how to construct a furnace some months ago. He gave me some good info to point me in the right direction. His idea is aiming me more toward a short stack furnace as well. But this raises a question I
  7. Hi all, Yesterday I was able to go and get 100 pounds of EPK for the tatara I am planning to build a little later this year. It really saved me a lot of money on shipping to be able to go to where they sold the clay. I've also started collecting charcoal, but I've found that this year there aren't many places selling Royal Oak. In fact, I've only been able to find it at Home Depot. Hmm. But anyway, my plans to have a tatara run are coming closer to fruition. So, on to my question. I've been watching videos of tatara smelts on youtube and on the Iron Smelters page on Facebook and I
  8. The tips on my blades are swaged in from the 15N20. Some mills run stelite tips. I guess there are some advantages and disadvantages of that.
  9. Simonds or Cut Technologies who was just bought out by Burton Saw. But you are looking at around $6-900 for saws from them. I doubt they would be willing to sell any steel from their coils for a reasonable price, but you could look them up and see. If you are interested in getting some steel, send me a PM.
  10. Eric C


    That's really nice work!
  11. I have been a saw filer for the past 14 years. Part of my job is ordering new blades. I insist on 15N20. A couple of year ago I learned the hard way that 15N20 is the best for the bandsaw application. The blades that I order are .065" and .078." As for cracks, those blades are whipping around the wheels at roughly 800 rpms (in our mill anyway). Cracks make themselves known very quickly. For the knife maker, there is so much material in a 30'6" or 36'6" blade (again that is specific to my mill) that it is easy to cut out the sections that are welded together and have more than enough for
  12. Heheh. Thankfully I have a yard in which to work. It's not a big yard, but it is big enough. I'll remember where I got the crucible. Sounds like they may get to know me.
  13. You gentlemen have hit on my primary concern! I was worried about the steel sticking to the inside of the crucible. I'd really like to get more than one melt out of the crucible if I can.
  14. Okay, great. I was thinking of a method of preheating. I may try it the way you said. I was thinking of adding the charge to the crucible and putting it in the remelting furnace - mine is charcoal fired. While I am preheating the furnace, I figured it would serve to slowly bring the crucible up to temp as well. I've thought of making a crucible myself, but never came across any satisfactory videos or plans - and what I did see left me just wanting to buy one instead. After all, they aren't really THAT expensive.
  15. Okay, I just ordered and received a 1 kg graphite crucible. The plan is to throw some of my large supply of 15N20 steel dust into it and try to melt it down into something useable. I have never heard or read that it is necessary to season a graphite crucible but I wanted to check with those who have knowledge of it before I ruin the crucible. I know ceramic crucibles should be seasoned with some borax before use. Should I do something similar to graphite or is it good to go as it is?
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