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  1. Sam Let me be the first to say-COOOOOOOOL! It's been so long ago I don't even remember my first weld, but I can imagine your excitement. COOL Now for the flip side, can you do it again? Just kidding, I know you can! And don't forget to keep notes, says the guy who keeps it all in his head.
  2. Sam I have had simillar experiences. It is most likely the buffer and angle. This is where you should start. I would return to the last belt that you used to return the wire edge and then buff again. If that does not work, I would go to a larger grit and try that. It may be that you have not fully established a wire edge. Sometimes finer grit do not seem to pruduces as good of an edge as medium grits do. And the buffer can wipe out very fine wires in less time, so less margin for error. I don't know if any of this helps, but I wish you all the luck in the world, I know they can be a pain i
  3. Birdog I owe you an appolpgy and you have it. I was in a tick off mood when I posted this and should not have been posting anything. Someone else did me an injustice and as much as I tried not to let it get the better of me, I guess it did. I am sorry for offending you. You did me no wrong, but my ill temper came out in my post. I did not think how my words might be perceived. I am sure there is as much sweat in your search as in any of my hardships or others. If the lord give you blessing I should be happy for you, not critical. Again I am sorry and ask for you forgiveness.
  4. That's about two weeks pay at a fast food place. And I can guarantee they worked hard for there money. So yeah, a long hard walk in the woods does sound easy. Ever work construction? I have. That's about four or five days pay. Perspective is everything. I'll take a nice long hike for a weeks pay.
  5. This may be of no help to you, but then again you never know. Some types of reinforcement bar, that's rebar to me and you, will seem very hard under the hammer for the quite a few cycles. Then it will act just like regular 10 series steel. Now, you might think it's the sizes of the stock (1 1/4 -1 1/2), but it does not have this effect after I anneal a piece (before forging). I know this is not the steel your working with, but I am using it as an example of a simillar case. I could think of the reason for this, but I just woke up in front of the computer from a 30 minute nap. So give me a br
  6. Hey guys! I just thought i'd add this little bit of info. I live in Melbourne, Fl. Just a little south of Kenndy Space Center. You know where they launch that space shuttle thing. I can step out my door and watch a launch, and let me tell you it's not that exciting. Well, my town is not all that big as town or citys go. So here the interesting part. Our land fill produces enough methane each year to produces enough hydrogen to fill the tanks of the space shuttle for two launches. And what do we do with all this free feul. Nothing. We let it escape into the atmosphere to add to the green
  7. Alex Digital pyrometers are not that expensive. You con get a pretty good one at harbor frieght. They call them digital thermomiture, but they will do everything a pyromiter will, because that's what they are. Marketing, what's up with that. They have stop carring them but most stores still have some in stock. Or they could get you one from another store or order it. Mine on clearance was $23 If that does not work for you, you can get one from Axner pottery supply for about $40. It is a modified volt meter, but works well. I have both. You wil still need to get a thermocople, but these are
  8. Your not joining a vespa gang, are you? Hey! How about covering it in blade and having a mad max kinda moped. Just kidding! I really do want to see a picture.
  9. Shgould we nickname you "scooter"? Just kidding Sam! Sound like alot of fun. Post some pic of it please.
  10. This is one of my most favorite pieces that I have ever made. I would buy it back. If I could remember who I sold it too, many years ago. The blade was 1084 and the guard was 1018. The handle was olivewood. Nice smell. I think I ground the blade and forged the guard. It had the most wonderful balance, at least for me. Well I just thought that I would share a little. Sorry about the picture.
  11. Well I got my stitches out the other day and guess what. It popped open. Not all the way, but some. The doctor took one look at it and said. You kept it coved? I said yes. I was instructed to cover it during the day and uncover it at night. I tried to explain about grinder and handfinishing and all that dirty shop type stuff. The stitches drove me crazy tickling and poking the middle finger, so I kept a loose bandage on it. Opps! So i got a funky new bandage that breaths. It was kind of like fiberglass work. The intern put a brown glue around the wound and then laid on cloth strips. Just like
  12. This knife has been sold and once again if someone would instruct me in how to delete this tread, I would be happy to take the time to do so. Thank you for your kindness.
  13. Big bug, please! I live in Central Florida, we have bugs that will fight you for your chese sandwich, carry off your children, and eat your dog Hey alan Do you mean cicadia. Man they are loud and loud. I've never really seen one up close. Too busy fighting off the blood sucking vimpire moskitos and the sandwich stealing palmetto bugs. Man! Can those thing can fly or what? Well, if this is one of them, there cute.
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