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  1. Here is my newest folding knife. Blade length only 4,5 cm, overall length is 12,5 cm. It is the smallest folder I´d made ever. The blade is made of mosaic-damascus from the forge of Markus Balbach. Handle material is mulberry.
  2. First one is made of 1.2552 and stag, blade length 7 cm, overall 14 cm. The second one is made of ball bearing steel and canvas-micarta, blade length 7,3 mm, overall 14 cm. Both knives will get a leather neck-sheath.
  3. Here is my latest knife-tuning. A folder from Kevin Wilkins, i like his knives very much, gets a new damascus blade. I´d changed the upper shape of the blade, the rest is like original. I don´t want to go to far from Kevin but I´d tryed to get a little bit of Andy into it.
  4. Yes, it is. I don´t like any kind of rope between my fingers and the handle. This way the laynard don´t disturb.
  5. My wife said to me: " Make a knife with this orange stuff! What should I do?! Here it is: D2 meets orange G10 and mosaikpins. bladelength: 7,5 cm overall: 17 cm I´m thinking about a black leather sheath ...
  6. Here are two small Kiridashi I´d made last week. First is made of Damasteel, the second is made of Leo-III-Damascus. They are only 11 cm and 10 cm long.
  7. @ Chris The measurements are in my first post I like the Mulberry very much but it was the first time I´d used it. But not the last time or sure!
  8. Finished yesterday: Damascus steel meets stab. Mulberry-wood. Blade length: 8,4 cm Overall length: 20 cm What Do You say?
  9. Just finished: The first folding knife in 2008. I´d forged the blade from a piece Eurofighter-Damascus from Markus Balbach. The bolsters are the same material but in the original pattern "Large Rose". Handel material is semifossil horse bone. Liners are made of titanium and the back spacer is Eurofighter-Damascus too. Bladelength is 7,5 cm, overall length is 18 cm.
  10. One of the coolest knives You have made ever!
  11. And here is the sheath. Thanks for Your comments!
  12. This model I´d maked for Markus Balbach and the blade is made of his Euro-Fighter-Damascus. Bladelangth is 8 cm. For this knife I choose german stag, it is still one of the best handle materials for hunting knives. The Taunus is the area where I live and work. The blade isn´t blue, my pics are not the best. My knives are better than my pics!
  13. The sandwich-blade I had forged from ballbearing steel and iron, bladelength is 6 cm. The handle is made of buffalo horn, red fiber and german stag. Overall length is 19 cm.
  14. Great! Its is Your first big knife since a long time? Looks very good, perfect work and the new owner is happy for sure.
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