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  1. MDF

    My latest...

    Thank you so much guys! And yes, for the top one I'm inspired by some late blades, no medieval Karter.
  2. MDF

    My latest...

    Hi guys, sorry for my latitance but this is not good time... I want show my latest knives: the first is a simple forged blade, iron fittings and oliveburl handle. The second one is a variation of my replica of the roman folder "dog hunting hare", maybe some of you remenber a my old tutorial to make a similar folder. Well, this time no wrought iron for blade but monosteel with double quench line. In my opinion this second bronze handle have better proportions of the first that I've made 2-3 years ago...but the criticism you have to do.
  3. Hi Nolan, sorry for my english, I hope you understand because I've a forge identical to the one you've described and works very well. In my opinion bricks works much better, if well made ​​it retains the heat for very very long time. Look here WIP I am attaching a picture of my current forge. As you can see is the entire masonry. I can decide how big I want modulating few bricks ... small for forging or long-long for ht long blades. As you can see the air hose is not fixed, but flowing, so I can replace if you want a little or more air or only in some points ... simply by replacing it with another tube. The air pressure is very important. If you want a long setup must be progressively reduced the holes to a uniform heat. I hope I've clarified some ideas, for any questions I'm at your disposal.
  4. It's absolutely wonderful project. An art tool for build other art...
  5. MDF


    Well, Rome is known for other things ... if you go to Rome I suggest you not try a scrap yard (I can assure you that here are not good as yours in the USA) but you have to visit lots of beautiful things. Rome is an open-air museum, every corner is a new discovery. Very little about arms, but many beautiful things. As someone has suggested I recommend the Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia, absolutely stunning! Also the Roman National Museum, are 4 different museums and you can visit with a single ticket, in my opinion of these 4 Palazzo Massimo is the best. Then a lot of places that everyone knows as the Colosseum, the Baths of Caracalla, Palatine, Circus Maximus, Vaticano, Phanteon ... and much more that is impossible to list! I know very little Siena, and have never been to Venice but if you go to Florence you must visit the museum Stibbert, they'll find a lot of iron I forgot, someone suggested Castel S. Angelo, well, is not indicated by any sign, but when you're in the terrace in a corner on your left is a narrow staircase that leads to a tower, well, unfortunately the door is closed to the public but you can see (through the grates )a wonderful forge with a very big bellows and a lot of blacksmith tools ...
  6. Wonderful dagger! He has an incredibly elegant design.
  7. Hi Alan, No, I do not use this machine but simple tools. I start with needle files, then use a special abrasive. I do not know exactly what their name implies, are small soft abrasive wheels that I found in a goldsmiths shop, are very fine-grained for our work but I found a kind of blue wheels that works perfectly on these mergers and steel... then buffing wheel . Maybe someone knows these abrasives, are similar at Cratex
  8. Hi Sam, another great tutorial, thank you for posting! You are a very blacksmith man!
  9. Thank you guys, Antigoth, for this buckle I used a special jeweler wax, is malleable and very good quality...however, I want to build an wax extruder to make these cylinders myself
  10. Hi guys, This is a replica of a Villanovan-etruscan buckle (VIII century BC). Probably some of you know very well this model, in my opinion has a wonderful design. Here are some pictures of the work in progress ... off course lost wax bronze!
  11. Thanks for posting it Sam, wonderful tongs ... and scary mace on your floor
  12. Hi Pierre, I'm glad to see you here, I have always admired your knives. I hope to see your other works here!
  13. MDF

    Wax injector...help

    well, finally I can show you some results, of course, these are unfinished raw pieces , still need other biggest piece and a lot manual finishing ...
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