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  1. Hey Mike, Thank you for this information about our fellow craftsman, I will definitely go and look over his site and see about ordering my items that I need to get started. I just have one question about the burners; you said that zoller has burner kits that are ready to be assembled, do you need any special tools to do these burners and also does a gas forge have to use a venturi burner? Ok I have one more ? for my barrel how much wool do I need and is ther anything else I need besides the burners,plumbing and the propane to create this forge? Please let me know. swor
  2. David, Micheal and Mike, Thanks for the warm welcomes. I am already hooked on the craft so there is no turnning back now. So from what I've read it is better, cost wise at least to use a gas forge. Thank you for all the useful info it will be a big help. No I do not know what the best kind of steel is other than it needs to be of high carbon content. So since I have that drum for my forge and I want it to be a horizontal one, what do I need to make it a forge, what kind of burner do I need etc. ? If you need to know the demensions of it let me know and I will get them. Ag
  3. Hello everybody, I have been reading alot of peoples post and I am still lost. I am completely new to the craft of bladesmithing but I am very interested in learning everything there is to learn, I don't know what materials I need, I don't know how to do the kind of things that some of you know how to do. Which is better for making swords (medieval style) a gas forge or a coal/coke forge? I am not trying to sound stupid but I don't know what some tools are for,also I don't know which hammers and other tools I need to use for creating my swords. Don't get me wrong I
  4. MDF, That is an awesome forge. How long did it take you to finish it ? Would you be so kind as to post more on this forge, such as a list of your materials and a more detailed process of how it was built. I would love to build me a forge of the magnitude of yours and if it would be okay with you I would like to use your plans for my own. I look forward to your next post. swordsmith_n_training[/font]
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