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  1. Hello Gentlemen. I am looking for books about viking swords, saxes and axes. I already own Ian peirces: swords of the viking age. And i think its great. What other books should i get? I want to use the books for ideas for future projects. cheers Mike
  2. Hey guys Thanks again for the kind words. Yes the seax is carried edge up across the front or back. Mike
  3. Hi there. finally got around to finishing my seax. back is 28 layers twist and edge if seven layers straight. handle is reindeer and bronze. All it needs is a sharpening job, and it is ready to next years viking reenactment. any critique is welcome. Cheers Mike yup i know crappy pics
  4. Thanks for the kind words guys, i will post pictures of the finished sax. And Ty, it could be the hammer, it did alle the hammering on this blade. I´m really happy with it, great job m8 Michael
  5. Hey guys i have just finished hammering this out. I was thinking that some bronze and reindeer antler would look good on it. steel is uhb20c and 15n20, one 28 layers twisted rod and a 7 layer straight rod. any critique are welcome. Thanks Michael
  6. Thanks for the help guys, (i´ll check up on the site, Leif) Cheers Michael
  7. Hey guys I recently broke a blade, trying to differently heattreat a 20" wak made out of 1%carbon steel. I even left the edge really thick. This was the first time i tried to quench this steel in water (and last). But i did get a really nice tanto out of it though Now for my question: Is there any european smiths out there that knows where to get a european equal to 1050 or 1070. It has to be low in manganese. The only stuff i can seem to find is the 1% stuff. I tried to order some 1050 and 1070 from the states, but the postage was almost double the steel price. I hope someone out there can help me. Thanks Michael Stein
  8. I just recieved one of Ty`s japanese style hammers yesterday. It feels great in the hand, and have a great balance. I´m hoping to get a chance to forge with it this weekend. Cant wait to start swinging this one. ; ) Michael
  9. Wow i cant wait to watch the polishing dvd. The hamon dvd really helped me a lot. Thanks again Walter. Michael
  10. I have just hammered out a 288 layer billet by hand, and that sucked. Its not the welding, but the drawing out that gets you, like GEzell said. But it can be done. Get a hold of a friend give him a hammer and a beer, then it will go fast. It worked for me Cheers Michael
  11. Hi Ty Tried to pm you, but couldnt get through. I am looking for a 1kg or 2 pound hammer. Please pm me with price. Thanks Michael
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