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  1. Thanks guys, I will give both a try. For today though I'll be using elbow grease and a box bellows to forge (or at least try to) some cable.
  2. It's definitely not gal. It's got rust on it already and it looks near new. There are seven threds of wire. Any way of telling the carbon content. I just want to know what sort of blade this stuff will make and what sort of pattern I might get. I'm forging today anyway so I'll post the results.
  3. I got my hands on a pretty much unlimited supply of concrete tensioning wire. It is from building sites with big concrete slabs. They pour the concrete and then put massive amounts of tension on the cable running through it. My brother saw one snap and rip a set concrete slab in half. The stuff looks to be about 12-15mm and is made up of about six large strands. So here's the questions. 1. What type of steel is it? (will it harden/form hamon?) 2. Has anyone made anything out of it? 3. Tips for welding/folding/stacking this type of steel. Thanks, Conny.
  4. What sort of blower? How much are they?
  5. Just wondering if anyone's used a 12V Air Pump as an air supply for a charcoal forge. I just finnished curing my Lively Style adobe forge using a japanese bellows. I'm kinda sick of hand pumping air into the forge though. Looking for a cheap, readily available electric alternative. I have the air pump at hand but have to splash out for a 12V power adaptor before I can plug it in. Just want to know if it's worth it?
  6. Thanks Tell, what sort of PSI do you run those burners at? I've looked at the T-Rex burners are they hard to make? I've got my freon tank forge just sitting there and out of use for want of a burner. Also in the pics you posted it looks like you've just got Kaowool with no protective coating. I put ITC-100 on mine and was impressed by the heat it got. I was always a bit worried about the health risks of Kaowoll though. Also where can you order that spring steel from. One Steel (metalcorp outlets?) Sorry about all the questions but it's a bit hard to come by information on steel down under even with the internet and yellow pages. Thanks, Conny.
  7. I've tinkered with bladesmithing on and off for a few years and now I find myself with quite a bit of sparetime I was hoping to set up a reasonable shop for part time bladesmithing. I've already made a Reil type mini freon tank forge. I could never get the venturi burner to work and was wondering if a simple shop bought propane burner would do the job and what size. Alternatively if anyone had plans for a blown burner that would be great. I've also made my second lively style forge. I used clumping kitty litter and sand for the adobe. It's taking ages to dry. On a test forge I made with this adobe it cracked a lot. Any suggestions? What should I use as a blower? I've made a japanese style belows but I get a bit sick of pumping it all the time. Lastly is steel selection. I can get my hands on O1 and spring steel in flat bar. Also I can get ready supplies of high tension cable used for reinforcing cement (is this stuff any good?). Bohler Steel is the best supplier I have at hand and they have a whole heap of different steels - cold working, hot working, plastic injection moulding but O1 is the only one I recognised. I can't get any of the 10XX steels. My main aim is to become proficient in pattern welding. I don't have a power hammer. I live at Gosford on the Central Coast NSW, not sure if anyone knows of any good steel suppliers in the area.
  8. Just put together some adobe for a forge. I haven't tried it before and wasn't sure if I got the mix right. The kitty litter I used was greyish white. It said natural clay. It broke down into sort of a lumpy clay mix whe I added water. I used close to fifty fifty clay and sand with a bit of wood ash. The consistency was a bit like cement. I used a steel bucket with a side blower. On a trial piece I did I found that when it dried it was quite easy to crumble. So a couple of questions. How long does it take to dry out? Did I use the right clay? Will it set rock hard when I fire it? Previously to this I was just using a pile of bricks but they didn't get anywhere near hot enough. I also have a gas forge similar to Ron Reil's, but the venturi didn't burn right and it was kinda dangerous.
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