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  1. mike desensi

    A Seax/Bowie Pattern Weld Type Thingy

    Im with Alen nice!!
  2. mike desensi

    first knife off My sale table at the Brea blade show

    it dose look long but the handle is shorter than it looks , when you hold it your finger is in a perfect spot , its just a weird piece
  3. mike desensi

    The war knife of Dáin Ironfoot

    love it!!!!! as Ironfoot was not easy to reason with , Im sure his taste in steel was much dealt with the same reguard that being said I have no doubt Dane would have been thrilled about this piece!!!!!! great work great back story!!
  4. mike desensi

    Samiknife and wooden cups

    just beautiful
  5. well the Brea knife show has come and gone........................... wasnt a great show from a monatary point of view but good to say the least. We all have that box of "stuff" we dont want to toss but dont want to keep, I call Mine the "WHAT THE F##KIN' HELL WAS I THINKIN'" box! a few weeks befor the show I got antler in and saw this base and got a flash a "I know what this will work on" so I built it up tossed in on the table and it got pounced on very early in the day , the buyer left thrilled , I was just amazed. its a kind of intergregal nessmuck sorta thing made from forged O1 ,fiber spacers and a whitetail spike edge quenched in ATF , oddly showing a "temper line" I havent been here in a while , work and joint health and orders have robbed Me of pleasure time as always feel free to state your feelings
  6. mike desensi

    A Brace of Bovines

    Im not a bowie guy but thats working for Me your stuff is always eye candy Uncle Jimmy
  7. mike desensi

    new dirk

    with help and guidence from Bill Herndon , I got this one done its a Bill Stroman style scottish dirk, in stainless damascus. I snagged a drop at the cal custom show in garden grove ,ca about 2 years ago handle is female springbok, guard is brass, bolster and end cap is wenge ladder pattern stainless damascus blade about 3 and 1/2 inches long I got lucky it feels great in the hand
  8. mike desensi

    the last piece for Me show

    Ill be having a table at the Southern California Knifemakes show , the 24th of june in Brea ,Cal. I wanted to do one "standout piece" for my table do I opted to do a damascus Bodkin , in the pattern I started maked , blade is 4 metal random damascus, bronze guard throat and cap handle is sanbar stag I got lucky enuff to get to Bill Herndon shop for heat treat and etch, yea I figured 2 to 3 hours ,................... I ended up spending most of the day , I can only hope I didnt keep Bill from anything done, on the final finish I had to regrind and repolish the blade as it just showed way to much scratch marks, got it home , to asemble. got on the grinder and the grinder motor died, then I scorched the horn with rouge fob on a dremil tool end the end it looks ok.............................Ill just not forget or forgive this beast for the fight <LOL
  9. mike desensi

    Quick and Dirty Dirk

    My line!!!!!!!
  10. mike desensi

    Quick and Dirty Dirk

    looking nice Uncle Jimmy!!!!!
  11. mike desensi

    carving done to My blades

    I was lucky enuff to have Will at the William-Llyod carving booth buy a few of My very early pieces. the following season I walked(well mkore like staggered) through the booth and didnt even reconize My own stuff!!!!!! Im stoked ,Im in a boothe with the likes of Kc Lund!!!!!
  12. the Cal Knives custom knife show will be held this year in Brea California. this annual event were the members show thire work , with member being new to the likes of ABS smiths its a full well rounded event held at the Brea community Center in Brea Cal. parking and admission is free! a handmade club knife will be raffled off more info contact Joe Girtner @ joecarves@aol.com or call Joe @ 714-746-6196 Brea Community center 695 E. Madison Way Brea, Cal 714 746-6196
  13. mike desensi

    KNIFE EXPO 2017

    Knife Expo , Pasadena Convention Center 300 E. Green Street Pasadena,Ca 91101 March 25th and 26th saturday 10am to 5PM sunday 10am to 4PM admissin $12.00 adults under 12,active duty military, scouts in uniform FREE KnifeExpo.net for more info
  14. mike desensi


    good lookin' blade! think ya could take out a freshy with it!!!!!!!!!<LOL>
  15. mike desensi

    Kentucky Toothpick

    gawd Wes , you alwassy make a complete package , wood steel leather , all kicks ass!!!!! great job , I like it