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  1. Samcro, I though we already resolved this at the other place, why start it again here? Its not a problem, it is allowed, but dont expect too many us of to waste any time attempting to help you again if you are not going to listen. It also appears you even copy/pasted the same answers when the combination problems were pointed out.
  2. 1/8 or 3/16 would be great Aldo. 1 to 1.5 wide nice too???
  3. I love my mill. I used a 1.5 Hp motor. I would safely state mine would have been fine with 1 hp. I would add I like having the notches in the side handle, its one more option of rolling and keeping a setting for longer stock I dont heat all at once, which I could not do if I was spinning the star adjustment on the ram. Its easy to build this section, and also easy to not use if you don't need it, but its there for when we do.
  4. I have been telling Matt for years he should raise his prices, but he don't listen to me. Maybe he is mad at me for helping get him drafted as Forgemaster at our local group of Indiana blacksmithing assn? (he does a good job there as well) I have others of his posted at my web site also to try to get his work noticed. In my For sale pages, and they are all this nice. The quoted price for his there is a little higher as I included shipping cost to the total price. P.S. Matt's blades are as nice to hold and use as they look in the photos.
  5. Sorry I missed it, but my car died,and wife needed to use hers. Waaaaaaaaa.......
  6. I use a 4 or 5 inch pipe about 40 inches tall, plate welded to bottom, holds a hair over 2.5 gal. I can't help but notice He wants to keep cost down for Inswool, scrap steels to build it from junk yard, but has no fears about filling it with 55 gals of Very costly quenchant ? did I miss something?
  7. The blacksmithing badge has been removed from the book here in Indiana, they only have general metal working now
  8. many times the case hardening is only a few thousands 0.003, to compare 1/32 = about 0.031 a large difference there
  9. just curious, are you getting Crucible or the Timken L6 ? Crucible only sells in rounds and Last I checked timken has a different mix (still with in specs) for theirs, and the thinnest flats they sell are 3/8 inch I have found it true that the crucible can air harden on its own sometimes. I have not used the timkin, so I am not sure if that does too. As mentioned O1 and L6 is a great mix of steels for a blade, but the thermal shock can blow a weld that is not 100% perfect. Don't give up.
  10. Currently scrap prices around here are 40cents for clean cut offs/drops, and 30cents for bent and rusted scrap. so its not too much above.
  11. The same as carbonizing any steel, heat time, and the material to pack it in. It is rather a pain in the butt. Post how it works for you.
  12. I love my mill, I built it a few years ago, glad I did it, also glad I used the belt for first drive, it works as a natural clutch. There is a report in the CD to build this, about problems in units using gear reduction without a way for slippage. I used a 1.5 Hp ,motor.
  13. I have done some strange patterns, but that take the prize for detail, control, and just plain wow factor.
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