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  1. I would be in for a set if you decided to do a run. CW
  2. Danocon Send me the id of the table platen holder on your tester. I one time ordered one on ebay that was not compatible with my Chinese hardness tester. If it fits your machine you can have it for shipping costs. blindhogg AT aol.com CW
  3. Serge Email me if you have not got what you need yet. I have 75 layer, 150 layer, twist, crushed w's and lots of cable damascus if you need any. We go way back bro so if its just for one knife its yours for shipping charges. CW
  4. I got to see this one in person, Stunning. And the pics don't do the curly Maple justice. CW
  5. about 4 degrees total is about right. Chris
  6. Man is that impressive, thanks for sharing your techniques. Chris
  7. Great idea, I too am thinking of the possibilities. CW
  8. Yep, I purchased quite a few files from Tom about two weeks ago. No problem with him emailing me back and he shipped promptly also. His prices are hard to beat and these are great files. Thanks for the heads up Wayne. CW
  9. Adrian Most use rivets, to join together Kydex from what I have seen. You could also use Chicago screws if you dont want to buy the special dies to close up the brass rivets most use to join kydex. Chris
  10. One piece handle, you showoff. Very nice work. Chris
  11. Nice looking knife, the contrast on the two different woods is nice also. CW
  12. Just saw this post, Sam you had me rolling man. Thats just darned funny. CW
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