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  1. Noting taken the wrong way. You were helpful...I should have looked longer before posting and now I know where the search function is located. I hate asking a question that has already been asked and answered. Thanks :-)
  2. Sorry everyone...I thought the search function had been removed. Thanks for the responses they were helpful anyway.
  3. I get the idea from what I have been reading that there is a tutorial or link to one on making cable damascus on this forum somewhere but without a "search" function I can't find one. Does anyone have one, a link to one or where to find one?
  4. This may be a stupid question but I am not a welder. I am getting ready to try some cable damascus. When you weld up the ends of the cable before forging, can you stick weld them or would that be too hot and you should only mig weld them? Everyone talks about mig welding the ends but I only have a small AC/DC stick machine.
  5. Are these disc flat or tapered? I have seen both types. I'm looking for flat. I am new to a lot of this stuff so why would you need/want a reverse drum switch? Is there a great need to reverse the motor on a disk grinder?
  6. Anyone know where to buy a GOOD horizontal disk sander or the plans plans to build one or both?
  7. Bill..I sent you a email on the forum to get some info about the college. Thanks
  8. If you are looking for a anvil, tongs and hammers you can try Emerson Horseshoe Supply. They are located right there by Shreveport. The number is 318-742-5991. They make the Emerson Anvil. I own their 200 pounder with anvil stand and I love it. They are really good people to deal with.
  9. That was my initial thought but then I have heard there are a LOT of bad mills out there that don't hold up very well and are not very accurate so as the old saying goes, "size is important but quality is better". I don't know enough about either of the mills to know if one is better quality than the other or are they about the same. If quality is equal then I would believe the Sieg X3 would be better because it is a bigger machine. That is the big question. I hope I am able to find the answer here. Thanks
  10. I have been looking at mills for a very long time but know nothing about them. I want to start making folders as well as guards and a few other things. I have basically narrowed my decision down to Taig or Sieg X3. I like the fact that the Sieg has a R8 spindle and it would probably be easier and cheaper to get tooling but have heard a lot of good things about the Taig. From what I have seen the price difference is less than $100. I am trying to buy something that may be a little too much right now but something I can grow into as I learn. What I don't want to happen is to spend a grand now an
  11. I am trying to build an Etcher/Anodizing/Gold plating device. Looks like I have everything I need except for the piece of graphite to make the etcher. I have no idea what types of businesses would even use blocks of graphite. If anyone has any ideas what types of businesses to check with or where I might start looking, besides ebay, I would greatly appreciate the info. If you know of something that would work better than graphite I would be interested in that also.
  12. I am heading up there also. Wish they would post a schdule for the Demo's. There is a list of them but not by time. Hope they follow each other so you can attend them all. In Atlanta there would always be 2 demo/classes going on at the same time so you had to miss one to attend the other. Looks like all the Demonstrations are going to be really good by very skilled master bladesmiths. Looking forward to this one.
  13. Can someone explain what should be done to the face of a Pedinghaus hammer when purchased? I was told that all hammers need to be refaced when purchased. What would really help is if someone could post a picture of a properly faced hammer as compared to a new hammer. I am missing something on this and want to be sure so I don't ruin a good and expensive hammer.
  14. I have searched the forum and found several posts about mini mills so I know a lot of them are being used. Since I am new to knifemaking I would like to ask the very basic question of...Which type of mill would be the best overall choise for making knife guards, bolsters and caps? What I mean is, should I purchase a $300-$400 mini mill, a large tabletop mill such as the Jet or should I purchase a large knee mill like a Bridgeport? By the way, I have zero mill experience.I can afford to purchase up to about $2000 but do not want to over buy since I have a lot of other things that are also neede
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