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  1. I have a bit of steel in my eye right now... I had another bit removed just 2 weeks ago. I wear double eye protection, and it still gets in there. At work they deal with it at the clinic all the time, they use a Q-tip to get the metal out and a small rotary burr to grind out the rust spot. Then they have the great foresight to send you back to welding for the rest of the day... Eye injuries are small potatoes at the shipyard... Mike Lambiase
  2. This one is sold. Finally... Thanks be to the guys at Baltimore Knife and Sword for sending people my way. Mike Lambiase
  3. You got to it before I could Sam. "Whats that rusty old tool sitting in the background?" Why thats a Bill Hoffman... Ohh,... You were talking about the flypress... We will miss you this year Bill. Mike Lambiase
  4. Hot damn thats a good size anvil Congrats Mike Lambiase
  5. Thanks guys, Integrals are fun, and they offer a challenge. Deker, Can you guess where that 1" W1 came from? Mike Lambiase
  6. Hey, thanks guys. It started as 1" round W1. Here are a few shots of the forging. Mike Lambiase
  7. Here is a new Integral. I drew very heavy influence from Wieland on this one and would like to thank him for his inspiring work. Specs: W1, Hamon, hand rubbed finish blade, forge finished flats, copper spacer and butt "cap", horn handle weight 7.2 oz 8 3\8" overall 3 1\2" cutting edge solid distal taper Moulded black leather sheath I am asking $400.00 for this one. Thanks, Mike Lambiase
  8. Salt heating is so great. Its clean, precise, and even. I don't think I will ever be without it from this point on. Brandon, Here is a link to the mil-spec salt recepies. It looks like salt # 7 will work for stainless. Good luck Mike Lambiase
  9. The more I think about it, the better and better a KA75 style hammer sounds. Get some really big honkin dies on it, like a small anvil face (perhaps a small offset on one edge of the dies, so you can have a half on half off blow) and use it for all your one hit operations. Things like clapper dies and top tools; with 2' of stroke the possibilities are endless. It would have a smaller footprint too. You already have a perfeclty fine little drawing hammer, so powerful single hits are all you are missing right now. I change my vote to KA style hammer. Mike Lambiase
  10. I say a helve would be awesome. Either a guided strap sort of setup, or a straight helve with bumpers on the back of the linkage... Mike Lambiase
  11. Chris and I had a blast. Its not often that I get to hang out with someone else who gets all gitty over a tube of liquid salt... Jesus, I love the hammer, I use it almost every other day and it runs like a swiss watch (or a german power hammer ). Its just the right size for my shop too. The salt in the pot is just 50\50 sodium baised water softener, and potassium baised water softener. I think melting point is around 1300 and fume temp is 1650. Total investment in salt, less that $30... End result, priceless. Here is a link to a discussion on the different salt combos. salt I think the PDF link might be dead, but I have the file saved o my computer. Mike Lambiase
  12. I think it is already a given, but I will be there dudes... Mike Lambiase
  13. On the second page of this link I did a short how to. some stuff i started recently and I always liked this guys page saya Mike Lambiase
  14. Yeah, Its dies are like one of those funny looking japanese strap hammers that work so well for what we do. When I get a bigger shop, I am going to build one of those japanese hammers... you just about dont have to pick up a hand hammer if you work it right. Mike Lambiase
  15. I like how there is no brake at all on that. I guess what ever works... I want a big mechanical.... Mike Lambiase
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