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  1. well just got this one done it's my first real step on the damascus road. dam i need a press buy hand is hard on the arms:eek: it's 1084 & 15n20 about 200 layers and african black wood 3"blade 7.5" overall Thanks for looking Dave
  2. thank you guys Greg a patten is a good idea i'll have to do that on the next one this one is no longer with me
  3. here is a little hunter i just got done.any criticism appreciated It is 1084 and iron wood the guard and pin are 416 stainless blade is 4" 8.5"overall Thanks for looking Dave
  4. just got a new to me anvil it is a big one not sure how much it weighs i think it is 350-400 lbs. rings like a bell and it is harder than my hammers the face is dead flat. there are no markings i can see .it is 32"overall 5.75"wide and 14" high. any of you have an idea what kind it is Dave
  5. Good day all Here is a little hunter I just got done thought I would post and get some critiques. The blade 1084 guard is 416 stainless and the handle is iron wood. thanks for looking, Dave
  6. yes Antoine i think Christophe is contaminadted a lot of us if you need a hand with the hammer-in give me a shout Dave
  7. Hi Antoine i like it intgrals are fun they make you think more. are you having a hammer-in this year? Dave
  8. Tate what Geoff said is 100% right i just have to say get to blade or an ABS hammer-in it helps alot . i made a trip to blade just to look at what was on the testers tables it made me wait 3 years to test . David Sylvester JS 2008
  9. that is one fine looking blade but the handle is great i love the carving Dave
  10. thanks Geoff i'm back at it have the first one with the samp almost done Dave
  11. got my J.S stamp at blade this year.:eek: i got coop to take a pic of the five and he made them look a lot better so had to post them
  12. well i got my five kives for the js judging done still not sure about them but let's here what you guys think don't hold back w2 from Mace thanks and iron wood 1084 and iron wood 1095 and buckeye 1084 and maple 1084 and maple thanks for looking Dave
  13. Hi Antoine i like them all but but the first is just great. and have you looked outside winter is still here it was -15 in the shope last night
  14. sounds good to me end of june is better do you want me to do a demo ? or need any help give me a call
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