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  1. Thanks! I'm pretty sure that is where I read the info was that thread. Thank you. The last post of Kevin's on the first page is what I seem to remember.
  2. I was just having a conversation about why we only normalize three times. I know why I do it. My three descending cycles set me up to make nice hamons ( I use 1075, W-1, and W-2 steels 99.99999999% of the time). It also seems to make my grains very nice and fine when I work 80crv2. I am lazy, and I didn't have to change any settings on my HT oven for my normalization cycles when I want to change over to 80crv2. That's why I do it. The person I was discussing this with said there was no way to over normalize steel, you could do it as many as you wanted, and the steel would harden. The reason we
  3. I understand why we normalize, and I always thought that normalizing does reduce hardenability. The reduced hardenability would only be a factor if you over normalize. I was told I was wrong which is fine...but why? I can't find anything on the topic. Thanks everyone.
  4. I second. Also scotch needs no vote. Already known to be a law of nature. Especially a nice single malt.
  5. Had a sheltie named Toby. Lost him 4 years ago. He was my forge dog and pipe smoking buddy. Smart as hell. The chill one. We also had Brett the corgi. Well he was a corgi. Cute as hell (and he knew it), tons of personality, hard headed, and too smart for his own good. Lost him a year and a half ago. Wish I could find some pics for guys. They were good pups. Still are missed sorley.
  6. There are several in the St. Louis that sale many types of high carbon steels.
  7. I was going to buy some more 15n20 soon anyway. If I could get some in 1/4" That would be awesome! I love that stuff.
  8. Sword is beautiful. Watching Roland teach online is what got me interested in I:33.
  9. I just showed my 13 year old my a tape for the first time. He really had no idea. Then I started trying to explain 8 trac, and was looked at with a blank stare.
  10. Three Days Grace, Starset, Nightwish is good. Ludwig van, Johann Sebastian, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsaknov, and of course Mozart are all great choices. The original rock stars!
  11. Alan, I would hang that on my wall as art! It speaks to me and its aesthetics are very pleaseing.
  12. If you don't want your sword to curve then make sure your spine and edge is the same temp going into the quench, and don't put something on the back of blade that will hold heat there. So don't use clay, and make sure you heat is even. I have trouble with all my sword attempts twisting and bending side to side. Never had one sabre unless I wanted it to.
  13. I see what you did there. Badum tissComing out spectacularly. Very nice.
  14. Do you sleep? Wow... I can't stairing at those daggers.
  15. Saw that puppy on youtube. That is really cool. I like your leather work too.
  16. Maybe it was 1095. I ordered 1075 twice from there and both times it had alloy banding. In hindsight it didn't seem to harden very well with the forge, magnet and oil combo. So maybe it was something else. This was a long time ago. Before I had my oven. Of course I'm colorblind, so that may have had something to do with it. I didn't have any trouble with 1084 though. Heat treating or banding that is.
  17. I wish I was as cool as you guys. Is everyone doing huge hunks of PW now?! Me I just cleaned a little. My wife is going to buy me a backyard barn to set up shop in soon. No more sharing the very small garage. Now I just have to go buy the stuff to run power out there. I'm excited.
  18. When I leave it wet it just puffs up and comes off in places. Then I get hard spots where I don't want them. I let it dry for a couple of days then gently preheat before I put it in the oven.
  19. I take both. Backpacks make it easy to do so.
  20. The childhood memories. Cool sword. Now you just need a very large tiger in armor.
  21. Rock bar, spud bar, breaker bar, super hand callousing make a man out of you tool. I am very intimately aquainted with that tool. Most modern ones seem to come from India and bend very easily. I myself would not want to make an edged tool with it. YMMV. As for the old ones they seem to be better. I say if it is as old as you think it is do some hardning tests on it.
  22. Practice. There is no trick.
  23. Let me give you a tip. Put some silicone caulk down and let it harden a bit then set your anvil down on it. Then your anvil won't ring. A little advice I got. Thanks Alan! My Nimba has legs, so the ringing was unbearable. Now just a thud.
  24. 9 should be 9-20 if you choose to handsand.
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