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  1. If you buy his polishing vid, he will explain it step by step.
  2. I wish I could grind freehand, but I ues this. http://www.7kmetalworx.uk/adjustable-angle-jig.html
  3. Pretty just so pretty. The swords and your cutting. I love the those smooth plum type pommels, just comfortable. I got really tired of the classic wheel type on longswords, and the faceted scent stoppers chew the heck out of my hand. Allow me to live vicariously and make a type XVIa sword!
  4. I like the lindseed oil/bee wax myself. Arnold area? I live 20 min north of the Lou on the Illinois side. My sister and her family lives just south if the Arnold area.
  5. Thank you for sharing! That is really really REALLY cool. Joining this forum is a great place to start. More firery bearded, viking tool making people than anywhere else on the webs. Search the heck out of this forum. Buy Jim Hrisoulas' The Complete Bladesmith. It has good info.
  6. John is it the tobacco shop that is connected(or at least used to be) to the knife shop?
  7. If you can handle Black XX you are a manly man. I like Boswell's North Woods. This a very informative thread. Yep Allen's pipes are great.
  8. Yep. I like it. I should have brought it with me when we met. It really does help to teach you how to freehand. Cool invention.
  9. Well it's not European in origin, but the Japanese believe that the spark from flint an steel is the purest form of fire. They use it to bless things. Maybe start your first forge fire with flint steel and tender. However anything to do with beer and pipesmoking would probably what I would go for!
  10. Don't forget awesome. Brandon I wish I would have shown you mine when we met. I still have issues beveling, but this hammer has really really made an improvement.
  11. +3 from me. Just for the customer service alone I will go to Wayne for vfd's from now on.
  12. Not funny to me. The person who taught me knife working would scream just like that. Threw me off so much...then I would just get pounded. Or scream and shine a flashlight in my eyes. :-(
  13. Yep I used to wonder why these had that taper until I started playing with german swordsmanship. Got a decent recreation and now it makes so much since now. The stiff tip just effortlessly glides into plate armor, but the sword flexes in a nice gental arc behind the point. So basicly goes through armor, but sword doesn't snap in two when it does. :-) Stunning sword! Just love it.
  14. Love mine! If I wasn't saving for a bandsaw I would pick up another. For those who don't have one jump on it!
  15. That is one hell of a move! Well if you are passing by the St. Louis metro and you see a short, fat, and scruffy guy with a bright neon green t shirt working a bore machine just give me a wave. Seriously though have a safe trip. I LOVED my drive when I moved to Wyoming from Anchorage. Though it did get tiring with a baby.
  16. Yep and and dont forget the shredded rolling papers for the filler. That reallys stinks about the lost package!
  17. Just whatever you do don't use a bench grinder!!! Exploding grinding wheels are not my idea of a good time.
  18. Try it and see if it works for you. If it doesn't then you just will have a little extra grinding to do to get the low carbon layer off, but it won't cause any harm.
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