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  1. Let me click it let me click it...AHHHHHH! *string of cusses* That's not right!!!
  2. Cool. Thanks Glenn. I was about to go and build another forge, so this gives me some ideas. Good luck with your forge build Archie. Keep us posted with pics. I can't wait to see your burner in action.
  3. I went with castable myself. Sure it takes forever to heat up, but it keeps the heat a lot longer. After I start my forge I sit and read while watching the fire. It also is really nice and flux resistant.
  4. Whew what a nice hamon. AND you only want $350 for it. Good deal. Would buy it if I could bud. I think I may try to buy a tanto from you when I can get the money.
  5. I'll go with the 55gal drum cut in half idea. It's about 4and a half feet long. I wouldn't be able to dig a hole and pour in concrete. I don't know when I'll have to move. It sounds like it will be soon though. Thanks for the input.
  6. Good point about the biodiesel. Being someone who works with biodiesel you would think I would have thought about that.
  7. I have a large 400lb cylindrical piece of steel I want to use as an anvil. Do you have an inexpensive way I could mount it? Thank you.
  8. I've wanted to see a waste veg oil burner and how those work. Are they as good as propane? Do you have to use something to inject the fuel since the oil isn't under pressure? Are they very cost efficient? Do you use a lot of oil when comparing it to a propane burner? WOW. Sorry for all the questions.
  9. Man oh man. I gotta have my bock when I'm at the forge. Or a good hefeweizen. mmmmmm.
  10. Holy crap boss! That's gotta be the Daddy of all bowies. Looks great. That sure is a beauty.
  11. I like it. Congrats. She sure is a beauty.
  12. Ha you think bugs get big in Florida go to Alaska. The skeeters there dwaf anything I've seen in Florida. Cool Katydid. You should name it Katie with an i and e.
  13. Welcome. I like your avatar. That part in the show made me laugh so hard. "FOOOD! FIRE!!!!"
  14. I feel you. The first time I tried to do a water quench with just a straight run of the mill 1075 and got a visit from tinker belle. So I'm just too scared to try it again. Man and with your tamahagane *shivers*. It just ain't right.
  15. Use Mr. Fogg's sword heattreating forge plans. It works great.
  16. One more thing with the Grizzly. If you look under the arm, the motor has 3 slots for ventilation. Your wood and steel dust gets in there it will seize the motor up. I put nylon stockings over the slots to keep things out of there.
  17. Well...I'm on my 15th knife...I still think that I'm not good enough to show yet, but once i finish my first pattern welded billet I'll show that off deal? Another AirForce blade maker...man they seem to be everywhere. I like my name too. I might have the name, but not the skill. At least I'm trying right? Thanks everyone.
  18. Hello. My name is Mike, and I'm an addict. I love to bladesmith. Currently I'm working on my first "real" (meaning no mild steel) pattern welded billet of 1084 and 1070 (I know it's going to be rather plain). It's coming out great. I thought it would be harder to do. If you flux then the steel just seems to want to stick. I hope to get good enough to show some of my work...but I'm too embarrassed to show my "knives" right now. I'm 26, got a little boy, a wonderful wife, 2 dogs, and a morgage. lol. I'm in the AirForce as a liquid fuels maintenance tech. That's really all there is to me I gu
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