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  1. Awesome carvings, sweet scenery, and a pretty little falcon.
  2. Neat bellows. That anvil just screams effcient.
  3. I don't knowabout this movie. The nerd side says cool, but he is my favorite president and... Well anywho the axe gun seems way cool!
  4. I really like how the pattern turned out.
  5. Just showed this toa coworker. And I quote "Holy #*&%ing +@4% that's amazing!!! Wow."
  6. Looks organic. It's a nice sword. Good flow.
  7. I don't have a picture of them. My two dogs head hammers (one a Sam Salvati the other a jack pine forge) and my jack pine forge double angle peen. Geoff nice answer .
  8. Great saying! Makes me ashamed to complain about my work space. You have the patience of a saint to hand polish to such a shine.
  9. If you go to Okinawa just don't get drunk and think you jump on those concrete things they put out in the ocean ... Other than that it really and truly is beautiful and I had a great time.
  10. lol The hammer is coming together nicely. You have to do a vid when it is up and running.
  11. Look at Diamondback ironworks. He has a compelling arguement against shuting off individual burners. On top of that he is a super nice guy, and answers all of my questions...even though I have have yet to buy a forge from him. Anyway the next gasser I buy will be through him.
  12. Holy crap I miss Alaska. That is a very nice fish you have there Dave. Now I'm hungry... What kind of spices did you use?
  13. Hloh you are AWESOME! Too bad you broke down and had to show your skills, but fixing it with like that is way past cool.
  14. A very true thing...they must HATE me. Some days I can't even get the classic 1084/15n20 to stick. Throw in some 5160 and I can just forget about it. Never going to happen.
  15. Ha. It's too good for The Imp. I don't care how rich his daddy is. I love how it turned out.
  16. Well that does it. I'm going to have to save up for some of your work. Holycow that is stunning.
  17. Love it. looks like it would be a great apple peeler.
  18. Crazy awesome!!! Time to light up one of mine now.
  19. My work is right next to camp DuBois. Literally.
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