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  1. Guy Thomas

    Kentucky Toothpick

    Great job Wes, really nice overall package! It's evident you are thoughtful in you design process.
  2. Guy Thomas

    "Viking" Kitchen knife

    Lovely carving!
  3. Guy Thomas

    Christmas gift ( not a knife )

    That will be a kick ass Tafl board! Are you making the pieces too?
  4. Guy Thomas

    Type O sword

    Well that is certainly worthy of sharing! Great work, the inlaid copper silver twists bordering the silver ravens panels are a nice touch.
  5. Guy Thomas

    Building a Dogbone

    Gorgeous steel nicely paired with gorgeous wood!
  6. Guy Thomas

    Taking a Crack at Wolf's Tooth

    Looking forward to seeing how this works out Aiden! Wolf's teeth patterns are fascinating.
  7. Guy Thomas

    Sgian Dubh

    Very nice work Ruggero! Beautiful Sgian Dubh.
  8. Guy Thomas

    Bauernwehr WIP

    Just slowly, between my work, overtime and other matters these days I'm getting very little shop time and was hesitant to add pictures that show very little progress. However, here are a few. I was very pleased to discover Sharpies work great for lay out work (it does wear off quickly)
  9. Guy Thomas

    mammen axe

    Masterful job! You've done some beautiful work there!
  10. Guy Thomas

    WIP 15th century bauernwehr / rugger.

    Very nice Michael!
  11. Guy Thomas

    Bamboo handles?

    I can't tell you how many times I have looked at the bamboo cutting boards at the grocery store with the little wheels spinning in my head. If you find a finish you like please share it!
  12. Guy Thomas

    Working Up to a Trapper

    Alden I really like the design of the overall knife, you've done some things very very well, especially the bolsters. I also like your thought process on identifying the problems and how to correct them such as using precision ground stock and absolutely flat surface plate sanding. The need for such precision has kept me away from folding knives in general because I believe they can become something of an obsession and I know few folding knife makers who don't own or have access to some kind of precision surface grinder/milling machine as well, especially if you get into forged and damascus blades of any sort.
  13. Guy Thomas

    Bauernwehr WIP

    Kevin I do appreciate all input on this and I wouldn't put it past myself now to use both a mechanical fastening and brazing (overkill I know, I also know i have problems, lol). I'm actually pleased brazing was brought up because I really haven't incorporated it much in my thought process for construction and I do see how useful it would be, especially making hilt/guard or any other "fiddly" little metal pieces like metal sheath components.
  14. Guy Thomas

    Bauernwehr WIP

    Somewhere in my shop I have a small hardware store MAPP gas/oxygen torch though I know the small cylinder of oxygen is empty. I may just have to give the brazing a shot though at this point attaching it is not very time consuming since all I have to do is drill a hole through the flanges and peen a rivet in. Shaping it will still take some time but I'm actually enjoying making it. I am amazed how accurate an inexpensive metal cutting bandsaw combined with a machinists vise in the saddle clamp can be.
  15. Guy Thomas

    A couple of blades

    Blacksmith knives are fun to make, but man I like the shape you got on that rasp dagger, very nice job on the forged upset shoulders!