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  1. Thanks Rob, very nice spear head! Really well done socket
  2. My "Ron Reil" style venturi burner represents that remark, nyuk nyuk nyuk. The small blown burner I built for my 55 gal. drum heat treating forge does work very very reliably.
  3. That would be perfect Alan! And $9.95, what a bargain. They are unfortunately out of stock. I've been thinking about moving away from getting five gallons of the Maxim's #50 quenchant (Parks 50 from what I understand) and want a container large enough to completely submerge blades (and the ends of my tongs if I allowed them to get hot too) to prevent flare ups. In my mind this is the other component of this thread when considering quenching containers. From everything I have researched, the properties of commercial quenchants (the properties you are paying big bucks for, they are fast initially to get past the nose and then slow cooling as the temperature drops) will degrade if they are allowed to burn which is why complete submersion in them is optimal. I understand they will last for many years if kept free of contaminants and not allowed to flash/burn. Hence the bigger container. If using simple veggie oils or canola probably not as important though bigger may better, but since these oils begin degrading with every use after the first one you'll be replacing them fairly frequently anyway. Might be better to use a smaller container and buy new oil frequently? In any case I definitely need to upgrade my set up, one is a large stock pot for canola oil that I built an immersion heater for and the other is a large turkey fryer I used with peanut oil for marquenching experiments. I have been trying to get my shop cleaned out and set up again and I have many gallons of very old nasty oil I need to dispose of, lol.
  4. Very nice work, and those nails/spikes are a great find!
  5. After searching here it seems there have been very few sources for bog oak posted in a number of years. When you find it at various supply sites it is either extremely expensive or sold out. Two places however, eBay and Etsy are flooded with quite affordable bog oak or Morta wood, most frequently all from the Ukraine. Has anyone had any experience with these sellers from the Ukraine?
  6. Great job Wes, really nice overall package! It's evident you are thoughtful in you design process.
  7. That will be a kick ass Tafl board! Are you making the pieces too?
  8. Well that is certainly worthy of sharing! Great work, the inlaid copper silver twists bordering the silver ravens panels are a nice touch.
  9. Gorgeous steel nicely paired with gorgeous wood!
  10. Looking forward to seeing how this works out Aiden! Wolf's teeth patterns are fascinating.
  11. Very nice work Ruggero! Beautiful Sgian Dubh.
  12. Just slowly, between my work, overtime and other matters these days I'm getting very little shop time and was hesitant to add pictures that show very little progress. However, here are a few. I was very pleased to discover Sharpies work great for lay out work (it does wear off quickly)
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