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  1. Thanks Joshua, and it’s not gold lip (just a trick of the light) it’s normal white mother of Pearl
  2. Thank you Alan I will make sure I don’t leave it so long again!
  3. It’s been a long time since I posted anything this is the latest off my bench FullSizeRender.mov
  4. So sorry to hear this John, if I can help in any way let me know!
  5. Thanks! and have now edited post
  6. I bought a piece of walrus of Don Hanson a few months back and thought you might like to see what i have done with it. Its the best piece i have seen in the flesh to date. To say it is stunning is an understatement, it positively glows in the sunlight. anyway, the spec's are:- Fighter Bowie Blade - 11 1/4" laddered W's Guard - Wrought iron with 316 stainless spacers Handle - Fossil Walrus Ivory, with a stainless rivit OAL - 16 5/8" I still need to make some clothes for it.
  7. Beautiful Knife! and very purposeful looking
  8. Ditto what Peter said, lovey steel, lovely knife!
  9. Cracking bit of steel there Clint! and i think i would want him to be my friend too, if he was holding that
  10. Big thanks on all the positive feedback here is Kam's pic
  11. Latest one out of the shop..... Damascus and ironwood with nickel silver liners and spacers a few bad pics to give you an idea of the finished blade, i will be sending it off tomorow to get some proper pictures taken thanks for looking
  12. Stunning work Dave! very much looking forward to seeing the blade
  13. TOBY

    Mixed results

    Hey Don thanks since having a go at this pattern i have recently seen photos of how its done, and apart from being massively low on the layer count it looks like it would benifit from welding in a can with a press. all my welds have been done wet and drawn under a power hammer (dont have a press and have yet to try welding in a can ) also.. i really dont want to tread on anyones toes, being on the other side of the pond i dont know Devin (or any of you guys apart from Don Fogg) you mostly seem to be giants from all the way over here. i dont want to become known as
  14. TOBY

    Chain Bowie

    Great stuff! the chain makes some very striking steel
  15. TOBY

    Mixed results

    Ooh i diddnt mean to start a argument as to how its made - no one is close yet, and i was sworn to secrecy but like richard said the low layer count makes it a bit easyer to figure.
  16. TOBY

    Razor sharp

    This is my first attempt at a razor, and i must admit i realy enjoyed making it. this one is for a kith on british blades, but i think i might make myself one. blade steel is:- file (small expensive ones with the little pistol on) laminated between two bits of 15n20 wood, cant remember, but its very hard and smells nice when sanding pin and washers nickel silver Blade was triple quenched twice in oil and once in water, and there is a definate hamon for all three thanks for looking
  17. TOBY

    Mixed results

    Had a chance to play in the forge this weekend, and had a go at making some spirograph damascus. not quite there yet, but not far off. big thanks to Mick Maxen for helping me understand the theory of the stuff thanks for looking
  18. Here is the latest out of the shop. 10" Full tang blade - in W2 5" handle with 416 Stainless bolsters and fittings and Black G10 another great photo from Kam thanks for looking:)
  19. TOBY

    Two Hunters

    Two 4.5" hunters top one Dog star damascus and desert ironwood bottom one Ladder pattern frame handle and leadwood, both have nickel silver guards. Thanks to Kam for the great photos and thanks for looking
  20. TOBY

    Old Rasps

    The Mustad rasp will be fine for knives, have used them myself and they are good steel Like John said - i thought that they had bought Simonds out ? but might be wrong, here in europe they have a very good name
  21. Gutted that i couldnt make it! looks like you had a fantastic time best regards
  22. Fantastic results John lovely lovely job!!
  23. Hi Arno, and thanks ....... sheath not by me - its the great work of Mr Martin Morrisey and all my welds are done "wet" - all i did for the welding of the inner surface of the "V" was to flux the hell out of it and keep it VERY hot, and give it a good soak before drawing out
  24. One advantage keeping it as is would be if you ever seriously got into making folders, it would be handy having something very accurate.
  25. Hi Dave, what Tony says is very true, you can feather cut straight layer, jelly roll or just about anything you can think of. the billet looks great so far, looking forward to seeing it finished ! rgds
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