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  1. I forged out my Kith entry today,it's made from Aldo's 1084 steel. In the picture is the piece of black ash burl I'm going to use for the handle.
  2. I can think of many a cheiftan who would pay red gold for such a pair. Awesome work.
  3. So much awesomness. Great job Sam! "safety first." BWahaaaaaa!
  4. I am totally in this year. 1.Rudolf Harmse 2.James Fuller 3.Gabriel R. Paavola 4.Emiliano Carrillo 5.Kevin Hopkins 6.John F. Ellis 7.Michael Lenaghan 8.George Ezell 9.Nate Runals 10.John Kruse-Kanyuck 11.Hloh 12.Dan Bourlotos 13.David Fischer 14. Derrick Phillips 15. Gary T. (jajimi) 16. Pieter-Paul Derks 17. Christopher Price 18. Juho S. Voutilainen 19. John Page 20. dylan holderman 21. Brian Dougherty 22. Tre Asay 23. Sean Finlayson
  5. I'm going to start on mine soon. Its going to be black ash burl and whitetail antler. These are abundant here in Ct.
  6. So much to like about this project. Great job.
  7. Thats coming along very nicely.
  8. Good Job, getting the eye to stay uniform in relation to the blade is always the issue for me.
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