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  1. Not a lot of progress, but I found a new plentiful deposit right in the city of Tallinn A nice little walk turned into frantic digging under tree roots, mostly with my claws. Felt like a greedy dwarf for a second. 30+kg bog iron ore bagged. Hopes for a solstice smelt reinvigorated.
  2. Coppertail, 200+ layers, 27g
  3. Delivering the work to the gallery.
  4. I would have loved to work on it for a couple of more days, maybe more, but the opening is on Friday so I had to hand it over today. There was no point in adding the arm strap, because it would have just dangled there awkwardly. I will add it later if I ever get it back. It is very modifiable, nothing is permanently attached.
  5. Not a blade, but maybe it is still interesting. I made this spaulder? (there is only one, but spaulder is not a word is it?) for a jewellery and blacksmithing exhibition "Armour" "Armour is an exhibition of conceptual jewellery and blacksmithing that takes place in the round gallery of the cannon tower Kiek in de Kök. Modern interpretations of medieval armour are presented through body jewellery and objects specially created for this project." Started with a 9 layer billet, mild/65g/K600/mild/K600/mild/K600/65g/mild. Working with coal, 5 folds gave me ~280 layers. At this point the billet weight 1090 g. It was ~160x80x10mm, I had to get it into 280x160x~2mm Lots of fullering heats. Before and after elbow grease was applied to the billet: ~10 heats from final shape. the one on the right is the sketch. One of many fullering heats to get the billet into desired dimensions. And the final pattern
  6. I don't want to build one myself, if that is what you mean. If it was for my own shop, I might give it a shot, but its for a school workshop. I need it to be plug-and-play and "safe".
  7. I am trying to find a place to order a small/medium size induction forge, to bump the coal burning forge where I teach blacksmiths into the modern age. I need it in Estonia, so either form EU, or a place that delivers to everywhere in EU. It would be for 5-35 mm stock, 50 mm would be awesome, but probably way out of our price range. Any suggestions?
  8. Thanks for the tip, that's pretty much what I was planning. Is the reason not to crush it into any smaller size to stop it from falling through the charcoal too fast?
  9. Today was a good day. I took my class on a spontaneous field trip. Our quest, to locate and harvest some bog iron ore was a big success. All thanks to a fellow smith Karmo who provided us a quest map with location markers and an example of the desired loot. As a side bonus we found 50+kg of railroad memorabilia, that will all be forged into something fun and useful. Next we need to build a pair of bellows. Any suggestions on how best to prep the ore for the smelt?
  10. So I finally had a chance to try out the one with the sapphire. Used a fat earthworm, I found digging out potatos for dinner, for bait. This is what I cought with literally the first cast. Perca fluviatilis, ate it as soon as I got home and totally forgot to measure it, but I recon it was about 30 cm, jaws to start of the fin.
  11. A tiny video in the water. 7 sec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20HccoO6oCc and lure action only for 2 sec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmfPvmGShAI youtube lets you slow the video down to 0.25x speed, if you want to see more detailed movement.
  12. It's 24 g with hook and everything, perfect for medium range casting. The body is 75mmx20mm.
  13. I spent all my summers as a youth, at the countryside, right next to a river. So obviously I devoted a lot of my time casting lures with a spinning reel. Pike and bass the name of the game. I am ashamed, that I never thought of doing this before. It's böhler "leuku" and uddeholm "crane" 30ish layers, only some showing. Heat treated and tempered. Half of the front side has the temper colour still showing, to mimic "belly and back" Slight distal taper from middle towards both ends, bevels only on the frontside. The backside has hammer finish for superior accented reflection action. I got to try it for 45 min yesterday. Pike just love it! I got 2 and one flashed a stomack, no pics, they were too small, I let them live. The curvy shape and slightly offset hook, makes it swim and flow, ohh so, gracefully.
  14. Rescued this emerald knife on the beach the other day. It probably beached by accident during the night and found noone to bind with. Luckily I was able to revive it, but it still needs a loving home. I can tell its not an old knife, its showing only about 100 growth lines total. The gem seems to be set in silver, that is in turn set in the layered steel. The tail part is ash and some silvery alloy.. possibly nickel silver. Blade is 68mm oal 198mm
  15. Didn't have a banana at hand for size comparison.
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