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  1. My hammers have the deliberately split handles. They are made by Ed Caffery and reportedly stop elbow soreness by removing the shock, jarring efect. I forged pretty much non stop for 5hrs last week and my elbow was as good as gold next day
  2. Just letting you guys know that the Illoquench 395 works just fine on 5160 & 52100. I just recently did 2 ABS test blades in 5160 and successfully passed the ABS JS performance test with both of them, one a practice run at home and the second at Bill Burkes in Nov before the Boise Rocky Mountain Knife show. Also my 52100 blades just keep on cuttin on rope . Cheers Bruce
  3. Not sure what Buck are using but if its spring material you are chasing Jantz have it under folder parts as spring material.Its around .100 square already hardened in 12" lengths and you just bend it to shape and size accordingly.
  4. Been there done that. No body was interested in selling 5-10 galls of a quench oil, not even Houghton. The Castrol appears to work fine.
  5. Bruce Barnett


    That is cool Dee. Like it lots
  6. That came out nice mate. I wondered when we was gonna see it finished
  7. Nice one mate, saw it on BF this morning. Luv the use of the nuggets Cheers Bruce
  8. Proud??? You certainly should be. Well done
  9. Hahaha...I think i taught it a lesson... Now the weather is warming up it doesnt hurt so bad... Thanks everyone, appreciated
  10. Gday Luke, Its a frame handle, the filework is on the liners either side of the frame. As far as the broken ankle goes, as i was swinging off the tooling trying to twist the billet before it got too cold, the tooling broke and the sudden weight transfer as i fell didnt give time for my foot to move as fast as the rest of my body. Cheers Bruce
  11. Gday folks, Here is a bowie ive just gladly finished. Some of you would be aware of an accident i had back in Dec last year when i twisted/broke both bones of my right ankle twisting a large billet of W’s. Well this was the billet i was twisting at the time. I ended up drawing the billet out and cutting into three, twisting and then stacking them back together. Blade is 9"” of 1075 & 15N20, scales are Mammoth ivory with fileworked nickel silver liners and n/s pins. Cheers Bruce
  12. Gday Kenon, Just wondering if you considered making your welt out of 2 pieces so you dont end up wasting the piece you cut out of the centre??? Cheers Bruce
  13. Gday Anaman, Good to see another Aussie on here. If i were you i would try and contact Keith Fludder at www.knifemaker.com.au and see if you can do one of his weekend bladesmithing courses. He is just south of Sydney at Tahmoor. A top bloke who has a wealth of knowledge and has been forging blades for over 15 yrs in many different styles. You will learn more than enough in that weekend to set you on the right path. Im over in Perth but if ya ever want to chat or discuss anything send me a PM and i would be only too happy to help ya out. Cheers Bruce
  14. Oooooh yeah i like that, nice one Peter
  15. Gday all, Does anybody use or have used Castrol's Iloquench 395 quenching oil. It is supposedly a 9-11 sec oil and appears to be the only "quickish" quenchant available in Australia. Cheers Bruce
  16. Gday folks, This year, before heading back to Australia after the Blade show, I was fortunate to be able to spend some quality time with 2 of the ABS’s finest in Bill Burke and Bruce Bump. I spent a week with Bill forging and testing/destructing 52100 and making mosaic damascus and then took a drive up to Bruce’s place for a week to learn slip joint folder construction and how to make the feather pattern in damascus. Here is my 1st the slip joint constructed with Bruce with the blade from a loaf I did with Bill. It is also the first folder I have pinned & peined with no screws. Bolsters and liners are 416 stainless and scales are mammoth ivory. Special thanks go out to Bill and Bruce for their guidance and a fun time. Cheers Bruce
  17. Gday Casey, Im not sure you will find one. I searched a while back for the same thing and found nothing. The pics ive seen of gut hooks were all different, some were parallel, some flared out toward the opening. I have done a couple and I just do mine with a chainsaw file. Kept it parallel with a slight flare. I reckon the shape of the spine in the area behind the hook is where you can really change the shape of things to your liking, that is unless you have already removed too much from there. Cheers Bruce
  18. No they stay in there now. Not worth the drama to go back in and pull em out. Winter might be interesting.
  19. Kenon, I was a bit worried theyd just left that one in there but it was a spiral break and that one is at the angle to stop it untwisting again. I thourght they could have a least countersunk the screws, hard to get good tradesman anymore. Looking at the long one on the left, that just looks like a roofing iron screw to me
  20. Thanks fellas, Ray, probably the Red Morrel out of this lot. It seems to take a number of different finishes. This one has LinSpeed on it. Canaubra wax looks more satin finished. I reckon the Bump's super glue finish would look really good too. Cheers Bruce
  21. Not only old hat but dangerous. I had this same set up fail recently. When the bar was welded onto the top jaw of the stillson a crack started at the end of the weld and travelled through to the inside corner of the jaw. I was swing all my weight down at the time and fell ownwards but also to my right. Unfortunately my right foot stayed right where it was. Here is the result. This happened 2 days after Christmas and Im still struggling with being on it all day and dealing with 2 DVT's in the calf. Cheers Bruce
  22. Gday all, Here is another 4 for Blade Show with native Aussie timbers. 1. Mike Norris "Raindrop" carbon damascus with Devin Thomas "Raindrop" tri colour mokume gaurd and Red Morrel. 2. Devin Thomas "Sharkstooth" carbon damascus with Silicon Bronze gaurd and some curly new growth Jarrah. 3. I forged this camp knife out of some of Don Hansons W2, added a 416 gaurd with copper spacer and finished with a piece of curly Karri. 4. This one is D2 with full tapered tang, nickel silver gaurd and pins with Rib Fruited Mallee scales. Cheers Bruce
  23. What they said. A good example of when less is more. Cheers Bruce
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