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    Bladesmithing is one of many interests of mine. I am also a reptile enthusiast and a avid mmorpg player.
  1. and this is way i love this forum, you get to see some beautiful work very nice piece getting some paper towels now to clean up the drool
  2. i think that link is in the link sticky
  3. correct me if I am wrong but I thought I remember reading that wet wood ash is basic and can leave a nasty burn.
  4. i don't know a whole lot about bladesmithing but i know about chemistry. the hottest flame you can get is with best fuel to air mixture, so that it all combusts at the same time. there also might be a factor if you can mix the air and propane better you might be able to get a hotter flame with less gas.
  5. I had some what of a similar idea. Except I want something credit card size for my wallet. Nice little handy knife I like it.
  6. I have seen a lot of people twist the handle.
  7. Correcting my post: m. mcKenzie makes a lot of letter openers from rr spikes.
  8. Incredible piece of work. And I am glad that I am not married.
  9. check ebay for some railroad track. i bought some for $25.
  10. I would pick up a copy of The Languages of Tolkien's Middle Earth It has all of the runes used in Middle Earth.
  11. i think the goop the steve was referring was mad from animal fat from cooking, and a some wax mixed into it.
  12. I don't if any of you live in the San Francisco area but here is a supplier a lot of clay products and forge lining : http://www.clay-planet.com/
  13. 1 gallon is 231 cubic inches....
  14. does the shape of the chamber affect how effect the heating is? I know that a vertical burner causes a hot spot. Does it matter if the chamber is square, semi-circular or circular?
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