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  1. Hello, I was given this old aluminum handled knife marked fjr. I have a few richtigs already but this one doesn't seem typical of the knives I've seen so far. I was wondering if anyone here might know more than I on this.
  2. Just finished up this large mountain man knife.13.5 in of 5160 for the blade .25" thick with 6061 Aluminum guard, leather, Epe wood and moose antler crown.
  3. Hello, Im looking to get a press ready for this summer and was looking at re-purposing either one of those 5 ton electric splitters from menards or getting a 20 ton splitter from harbor freight and making some die for it. Ive seen it done a few times but I wanted to ask some thoughts on electric 5 ton that has the hydraulics Pulling the wedge from the front Vs. a gas splitter that pushes from behind the wedge and which would be best for forging some stock that I have .75" to 1" thick 52100 bearings and races. I would assume that the one pushing the wedge would be strongest but its al
  4. Pat B

    last of 2014

    thanks Miles, Im growing fond of micarta, it lends a interesting look to blades when textured that way. Ive been debating on trying to checker it next I use it
  5. two most recent finished blades, first is 5160 Curly Oak, leather, brass and buffalo horn that I made for myself as a experimental knife, Its done in a frame handle style but with thinner oak for the frame instead of steel, Ive never seen this done so I thought Id try it and see how well it holds up. Second is 5160 with Canvas Micarta enjoy and happy new year!
  6. I had it made by infinity stamps. The original artwork was drawn for me by a friend when we were in college. When I was looking for a mark I wanted I kept coming back to his original sketch and chose it since it has sentimental meaning to me over anything else I could think of.
  7. Thanks ! It was the first time I tried that look on the handle, I saw it on one that Peter martin had on his table at the badger knife show and i wanted to try doing it since it looked rather grippy and also visually attractive. Caleb, heres a close up.
  8. both 5160, first is a smaller camp knife with textured micarta, Second is Paduk and Wrought iron now bearing my new stamp of a wolfs head howling. Pat B
  9. Thanks guys! Isaac, Id be happy to toss one in for you next time I get to my shop if your interested.
  10. Made this one as a light bacpacking/ hiking knife. 1080 steel with kydex, I added a teklok a hour or so ago. I seem to be enjoying the cord wrapped look recently. normally I dont care for them much but its a nice look I think. Pat B
  11. Pat B

    W2 EDC

    Thanks guys, Its off to its new owner tomorrow, hopefully he enjoys it in hand as much as he enjoyed the pics of it I sent him along the way.
  12. Pat B

    W2 EDC

    Made this for a local police officer wanting a EDC / concealed carry knife. He came up with the design based off of some sketches and knife images he sent me. Pat B
  13. Pat B

    5160 hunter

    Thanks Sam! Its good to be able to make some blades again, even if it is kind of at random as of late. Ive finished it and will be taking some pics soon. Pat B
  14. FInally got back to the forge after a long time. First knife completed in one go in over a year. Blade was originally part of a langseax project that I didnt like and chopped up, handle is cocobolo with brass guard. top of guard is stippled for a little different look. Blade is has a acid rub patina and brass it lightly aged. Thanks for looking Pat B
  15. Thx for the input guys! And yes Dillon, the way i modeled it caused that to happen. Im just intending this to be a concept rather than a 100% plan set. Ive got a few more ive been practicing with and then plan to recreate some off of measurements from some originals ive inspected. Jake, the overall was around 32 in with the cross guard being 8 in long. Im rather hit and miss with pommel design, the shape i like but i think its too small perhaps?
  16. Hello everyone, Its been a long time since Ive posted anything here due to work being terribly busy and being unable to finish any of the blades I have started.... But anyway, I teach a 3D modeling class and I began to get a little bored during my down time so I started to design a few options for a sword Im planning to start in a few weeks. Its got some design problems due to the program being a bit uncooperative with me but it lends a good concept of what I plan to do. Im terrible at hand sketching so I use the computer to draw for me, Ill be making more decorative tweaks later but t
  17. if you can find it try to find some H-1 otherwise D2 is used pretty often for dive knives and is a stain resistant steel so it will rust after a bit in salt water. Dive knives, oddly enough are usually some version carbon from what I have seen and learned from talking with divers. you might also try S30V or 154 CM.... I despise 440C just as a personal bias and find it not suitable for any blade past maybe kitchen use. It is however a personal bias, some really love the 440 line. If others have better input I am certainly no authority but I hope this helps you in your project. Pat B
  18. Thanks for all the replies, as for a design I was looking at something like this http://kultofathena.com/images/ANS4_l.jpg or a plainer versions of this sword by Dave D http://cedarloreforge.com/2012/03/03/clydwch-aelwyd/ Id love to make it myself but as I mentioned before its a matter of no time and not fully comfortable with that length of blade yet. Im kind of stuck with the limit of whatever length I can fit in my kitchen oven for tempering....
  19. Hello All, Its been a long while since Ive posted blades here due to work and all that. I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to discuss a possible sword commission for a single hand sword. I have, right now a top price of 900$ I could pay along with providing the materials, brass and wood and steel. Id do it myself but I dont have enough practice in swords to feel confident in it and Id like to have it done by one of the fine craftsmen here if possible. I realize 900$ is quite low for most of the makers here and I apologize if the price offends, Its only what I have disposa
  20. Thanks Steve, Ill check the link after work, the proxies here are for some reason blocking the link you supplied, Im trying to run on a budget around 1000$ and am thinking I should be able to get a pretty decent setup for that range, not spectacular, but decent for now. I teach metals and woods at the high school level so I have all the tools I would need to fabricate something, trick is getting the time to get the parts.
  21. Hello, Im looking to get a press made up for some Pwelds and stock reduction, my wonder is would it be more cost effective to purchase say a harbor freight air/hydraulic press and modify it for forging or to go the home built route with a air/hydraulic bottle jack and some welded framework? Ive been pricing parts put and it looks like they would be about the same more or less price wise either route but I was wondering if anyone here had some input of which would be more practical to use. Pat B
  22. Pat B

    W2 Tanto

    thanks Jake, I appreciate the tips, I had trouble with tryingto figure out how to grind this decently so yes you are right, there is a bit of unevenness to the grind. I did a warm water quench first then into oil. theres more activity to the hamon than I can get to show up here, never had much luck with getting hamon to show up well in a photo. Tanto normally taper all the way from tang to tip right? kind of like a banana with the shoulders to end of tang tapering down and the shoulders to tip tapering down?
  23. Just finished up this 52100 camp/utility knife. was inspired by the work of my friend Lon Humphrey and a recent marathon of dual survival. Got me thinking that I should make something up that would be a good choice for a survival bag or day kit for hiking. walnut scales with bronze pins, blade is etched then blued to make it look a bit more woodsman like. blade: 5.75 in handle: 4.5 in
  24. Pat B

    W2 Tanto

    once i get my camera back yes.
  25. Pat B

    W2 Tanto

    Hello everyone, this is my first try at a traditional looking tanto, forged from W2 with a hamon, theres a secondary hamon behind it that is almost impossible for me to get a clear shot of at this time of night but its quite interesting looking. Im looking for eval and tips for how to make tanto better so please share any pointers and tear it apart for me.
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