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  1. I was looking through On Demand and came across a show on the National Geographic Channel called "Medieval Fight Book" which was all about the manual written by fightmaster, Hans Talhoffer. In it were a few minutes devoted to the qualities of a medieval sword and the featured smith was our own Owen Bush. Congratulations on your television appearance, and well done!
  2. I'd say that it would be reasonable for him to use something African. Here are some Tuareg knives: http://web.mac.com/gnaritas/SwordsAndKnives/Collection/Entries/2007/10/23_Tuareg_Knife_from_Niger_files/shapeimage_5.jpg http://www.he-artefakte.de/Afrika/Ethnologie/Tuaregwaffen/Tuaregdolch1.JPG http://www.he-artefakte.de/Afrika/Ethnologie/Tuaregwaffen/TeddaFrau2.JPG http://www.oriental-arms.com/photos/items/61/004361/ph-0.jpg Somali knives: http://www.ezakwantu.com/Spear%20Blade%20Somali%20Danakil%20Influenced%20Dagger.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3560/3398040297_5086ff83ea.
  3. Richard and damon, I sent you both PMs. Thanks.
  4. True. I just thought I'd try some places I frequent and see if I could make some advantageous trade with someone before going to a company. Besides, some people have cool things in closets and attics that you don't see every day.
  5. Greetings, I'm looking for a straight, durable wood cane with a solid metal head (fritz or derby handles... possibly knob style if it's attractive enough). No sword canes, please. I have some knives and blunt weapons I can trade. PM me if you have a cane that's taking up space. Thank you.
  6. Rod, I've found that I haven't had to normalize or anneal the steel I get from the concrete saw blades. I have a theory that it's already at a desired state from the heat treatment(s) it originally received at the factory, and then from cutting concrete while being sprayed with water. In any event, it cuts well enough and gives way under files well enough, and I've never had an issue after final heat treatment. I have one of the Tim Lively washtub forges I use for the final heat treatment. I get it to non-magnetic hot and quench it vertically in a standing pipe of vegetable oil. Af
  7. I own a Tiger Killer Knife from Himalayan Imports, and for some time it’s inspired me to do something along the same lines. As always, the steel is from an old, concrete-cutting saw blade. I made the guard out of blued cast iron, and the two-toned handle is mahogany and (appropriately) tiger maple, which I shaped into a flared octagon, using mostly files and sandpaper. I secured the hidden tang with a pin I made out of a drill bit. Overall length is 13": Here it is, next to the HI Tiger Killer Knife. I don't have the mirror polish that HI puts on their knives, and I decid
  8. Thanks for all of the replies, gents. Once I get my rattan in and start this project I have in mind, I'll let you know how it went.
  9. I've searched the net for a while, trying to find the best way to stain rattan, but I'm coming up short. Does anyone have any hints, tips, or websites that they can recommend? I'm hoping to find specific types of stain to use, and a coating which adds luster but won't flake off. Thanks in advance.
  10. Still checking to see if anyone here is interested. Thank you for all of the replies so far.
  11. Bryan, I was hoping to find someone in the forum who was interested in doing this.
  12. Thank you. I PMed him. Any others here?
  13. Does anyone here cast jewelry in bronze? I have a question about a pendant. Thank you!
  14. Jason, On a related note, I was wondering when you were going to get your website up and running again. I've been looking forward to browsing it.
  15. What was the red-brown substance he was painting on the blades before putting them on the wheel- some kind of additional abrasive or polish? It looked like he put the same stuff on the handle, too.
  16. I love that. It has a wonderful mix of elegance and fearsomeness.
  17. Thank you, gents. It wasn't anything special- just something reliable and comfortable. But I made it to his specifications and he's happy with it.
  18. I'm a recycler: all of the knives I make come from concrete-cutting saw blades which have been used by road workers.
  19. I like this tutorial. Thanks for putting it up.
  20. Thanks, Wade. I've been admiring your work for a while now, so impressing you means that I must be on the right track.
  21. I made a skinning knife for a friend. The design he wanted included a thumb rest on the spine and a deep-bellied cutting edge, all within an overall length of 9". Here it is, with a mahogany handle and steel pins. Also per his request, I left the knife rough looking. He said he liked it that way and wanted to look "old with character". Overall shot: Another view. Both the handle and blade are 4.5" From the front: In hand: Thanks for looking.
  22. Thanks, Todd. It was nice to finally get this piece finished.
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