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  1. Custom tsuba for katana made by Bartosz Ulatowski. $220 REDUCED $150
  2. Katana is now sold. Wakizashi is still available for $900. Would make a nice low cost addition for someone who already has a Bob Engnath katana and would like to make a daisho.
  3. Decided to split the set up. Tanto has already been sold, so I will now offer the katana and wakizashi as a daisho for $2200. If anyone might be interested in the wakizashi I would sell it by itself, but will not break up the daisho until I have a committed buyer for the wakizashi. Price for the wakizashi is $900. Polishing and mounting on these pieces can be arranged later at a discounted price. Chris
  4. Figured I would list this over here since there are many handy people here who might be interested in this offer. I recently put back up for sale a rare set of 3 matching blades by the late Bob Engnath. I had originally intended to polish this set and sell them at a higher price, however recent issues have put me a bit behind and with the size of my queue the last thing I need now is three more swords to polish. So, I will offer this set for $2750 unpolished for all three blades. Polishing can be arranged at a later date if desired. I would suggest buying Walter Sorrells video on polishing and having yourself the deal of the year. Chris
  5. That pipe is absolutely gorgeous. If it's still here when I return from the tampa token kai and I haven't blown all of my discretionary funds I will most certainly buy it. Always love to add another pipe to the collection. Chris
  6. That's lookin good man. I got to come over some time and finish my blade.
  7. Being a Blade Runner fan, the zombied reference to "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" caught my attention. Cool concept behind this one.
  8. I'm totally impressed. You're keeping a great shape on the blade and it looks quite nice. Chris
  9. Jesus, that sword is incredible. Beautiful work my friend. Chris
  10. Good grief, that's beautiful Walter.
  11. Great looking knife Stephan, beautiful work.
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