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  1. First off, nice knife! I don’t consider myself super experienced here so take everything I say with a grain of salt, but I always appreciate when people comment/critique my work so here goes. I think the four points that stand out to me are the: 1) Transition between the handle and the blade. This is a feature I see on a lot of starter knives. In my opinion the handle should flow into the blade and at the very least the ricasso should not be wider that the handle. A big step off like that makes it hard for the eye to connect the blade with the handle. 2) The deep
  2. Well, since my 6 month project has taken a year, and I’m only half done, I figured I better start on the second half. Barring any strong objections, this is my current plan for the second blade. I want to follow a more organic shape and we will see how well elk antler engraves. Probably a nickel silver bolster and maybe spacer. I’ll try to do more of a WIP on this one...
  3. I like the specific starting dimensions idea... Reminds me of the 150mm challenge that has run through the blacksmithing world. (Basically you start with a 150x20x20mm piece of metal and make whatever you can. #150mmchallenge on IG)
  4. If you are talking about this specific design, I'd definitely be interested in a swap, though I'm not sure I'm up to your level by any means. I have always admired your work for sure. I'm also sorry for thread derailment!
  5. I would have too, but I was ~ kinda ~ trying to keep the same blade shape/feel of the original design? Design by committee, make it, swap it KITH does sound fun! (but possibly very aggravating at the same time )
  6. For some reason I really enjoy these threads. I think it stems from this being my favorite part of a build, I can design anything I want on paper, but making it real is the hard part . I think I also enjoy them because I feel I am still in this stage, trying to make aesthetically pleasing, but mostly FUNCTIONAL knives. I agree with John N: So, I apologize in advance, but I was sitting here reading what others were saying and wanting to share what I’ve learned... So, I started drawing. Here is my version: Take this however you want, and
  7. Thanks! I’ve tried it on some vegetables and it did great, but I’m trying to convince my wife we need to make another roast just to try it out... Been a great winter here, ski hills opened late November, and they are saying another foot this weekend!
  8. Haha! It was one of those - go big or go home type of things, now I’m ready for anything
  9. Well, I was cutting the big hunk o’ meat for Christmas dinner and got tired of the 8 inch chef knife I was using, so I decided to make an official carving knife. Never really delved into the kitchen knife world before, but here goes. Figured I should make at least one complete knife in 2020! Fully forged to shape out of 1075, minimal grinding, mostly hand sanding (hours and hours...) Comes right around 13.5 inches for the blade and 21 inches overall. Handle is random scraps and stainless spacer/pin. As a
  10. You should be, those are incredible. The long handle/long blade ones really do it for me!!!
  11. Everything is edible (except the foil covered cardboard base of course). The wheels are just a couple round gingerbread cookies glued together with frosting and then covered in more frosting
  12. Well, I can definitely agree with you. It is not easy and took a lot of trial and error, especially the twisted rope stuff! Thanks for all the kind words guys. I am going to get some pictures of the knife and then send it on it’s way. I expect a full critique from Josh when he gets to hold it in his hands. As an aside, this week the family decided to do gingerbread, so I got to play gingerbread decorator for the day: Thought it turned out pretty cool. I decorated the truck and the wife decorated the trail
  13. Bad lighting/bench photo, but I finally got a chance to put some leather pants on this guy.
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