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  1. Good point. Call it habit, but I've always used the 3 pins for some reason. Maybe on the next version ill move them closer to the blade. The end is well supported by the lanyard tube. That being said, I'm not too worried about it, the bocote is very dense/strong and I aggressively roughed up the epoxied surfaces so it should hold up to anything. We also discussed the knife was going to be used for breaking down game and making dinner. No rigorous chopping/abuse is in the plan. Thanks!
  2. I have a friend I work with who is an avid hunter (multiple deer, elk, bear, coyotes, wolves per year with both a bow and rifle). He and I have been discussing his perfect carry knife for hunting over the last couple months which included many napkin drawings, and side-by-side comparisons of knives we have both used in the past. Well, after several wooden models and tweaks - I made the first prototype. It is nothing special, forged 80crv2, bocote handle. This is a milestone for me because I made it in about 5-6 hours total. I typically spend months making anything, but it’s hunting season so there was no time to delay. Here is the well worn template that was the result of many conversations about blade length, weight, ricasso’s, choils, lanyard holes, tapered tangs, handle contours, flat vs hollow grind, etc. It ended up pretty simple, weighs 3.2oz and easily fits in a pocket or pack. Just thought I’d share. As always, any thoughts are appreciated!
  3. Hey guys, This is a long shot but I thought to give it a try for nostalgia's sake... I got this blower in pieces for next to nothing. It was in pieces and the brushes were shot but it looked like it was all there so I figured why the heck not. I found new brushes, and now I am trying to re-assemble. Here is the plate on the motor: It came off of this: Here is the problem, Which wires go where? I'll let the picture doing the talking: you can see the coils and the spindle on the left. The top is removed and set to the right. E and F are the connections to the brushes. Which wires (A, B, C, or D) hook to E and F and which go to power? I have tried different combinations and the motor hums but doesn't turn. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, Adam
  4. What do you plan to do with the aluminum?
  5. I don't know if they are really any better, but I tried to take some more pictures of these guys before give them away to document them better in my "portfolio"... this is just me, my iphone, and an improvised light box. I may try to get a photographer friend of mine to take some pictures too. Anyway, That is all. Thanks for all the encouraging words. Til the next project. Adam
  6. Is this knife ground with a rhomboid cross section? I just assumed it was flat with a. Scandi going for the bevel. Any chance there is a way to take a picture that shows the cross section (like on end or something). Is the cut into the bolster rhomboid or do you somehow transition it to rhomboid as you taper? Sorry for all the questions, this just relates to things I’ve struggled with as I try to make puukkos as well.
  7. I was thinking the northern lights would be represented by the steel, that picture you showed after the etch looked like an aurora type pattern to me.
  8. Saw this on Instagram, absolutely love it, followed both you and Matt. I’m not usually into this style of blade, but the craftsmanship of this blade is incredible!
  9. I’m digging the northern lights thing, but I might be biased at the moment as I’m in Banff at the moment. I have been hoping to catch a display of the aurora, but it seems we are in a really slow sun cycle. I’ll have to doodle some too...
  10. Well originally we were talking about this piece, it made me think of something like this: http://powning.com/jake/swords/dwine-broadseax/ In regards to a collaboration - Heck, I’ll just work with whatever shows up
  11. So are you not thinking a big gnarly Viking war knife? With the wolf’s tooth pattern I was thinking more of a long carved wooden handle with engraved antler accents (in Powning type style), but it looks like your thinking more of a straight Sami style knife with engraving? I don’t want to derail the thread but I’ll try to answer your question... Depends on what your doing. The Sami style engraving like I described on my recent WIP takes a really sharp chisel and your only cutting like a mm deep. If you want to do more of a “carving” your going to look more at Maori style which was traditionally done with larger gravers, but nowadays is more likely to be done with a dremel tool. Of note, Sami engraving was done on antler (significantly softer than bone) Maori carving was indeed done on bone (traditionally whale bone - but now more likely to be cow bone).
  12. Sure! I liked the way you put it: I’m good for whenever you are. Just let me know when you need an address.
  13. Well, I was looking for a project for next winter.... guess I’ve got my answer. Let me know what kind of blade shape your thinking and I’ll start doodling
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