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  1. With elk you pretty much have to use the tines if you want a handle. The beams are too thick. It doesn’t have to do with how strong the material is, it’s all about how thick the outer layer is so you can grind some of it away to the shape you want and still have enough left to engrave without the central pith getting in the way.
  2. Thanks guys, glad you like it. Josh, no need to send elk antler I have plenty of elk and deer (mule and white tail) around here. I just don't have reindeer, and you have to get alot to make it worthwhile and find that good pieces. Elk is harder to shape because it's thin and you run into the inner marrow much quicker, but that is definitely what I can get around here so I need to figure out how to use it.
  3. Well, at the prompting of Josh... nudge nudge here is a couple more pics of this knife. It comes at the price of delayed deadlines and field of broken promises, but I’m slowly getting it done. What a crazy year. I wanted this knife to have somewhat of a narrative, I shied away from the perfect straight lines and the look of it being laser cut and strayed more towards the thought that it was engraved over time, by the campfire with things that the author saw/experienced at that time. I must admit I’m kinda disappointed in how the sheath came out, the antler port
  4. I sure hope this turn into a WIP/“how to” thread...
  5. Hey guys, a friend I work with brought this knife to me wondering if I had any ideas on how to best preserve it. It was issued to his grandfather in WWII. He fought in the pacific on the USS Wasp which was torpedoed by the Japanese in September of 1942. He wants to keep the patina pretty much intact and display the knife. I told him to leave it alone as much as possible. Maybe some gentle steel wool to get some dirt off. It looks like someone might have taken some lite sandpaper to it at some point, unfortunately. I’m wondering about the leather stacke
  6. I totally get this. Beautiful result. As much as I have a thing for antler engraving, I love how it looks without.
  7. I follow half a dozen small knife makers on IG that recently got coal iron presses. The thing that surprised me was how fast they are, the 12 ton has a smaller footprint, they run on 110, and I’ve seen some really nice work come off them. The price seems pretty reasonable to me with free shipping. I know I’m putting my change in a jar as a someday thing.
  8. I’ve been eyeing these. I don’t have one so I can’t speak to how they work, but they look promising on the videos and they are all over Instagram these days... Better on the budget? https://coaliron.com/products/copy-of-12-ton-mini-press
  9. Mine pivots on a piano hinge, works well for me. I must admit I don't use it in this position as often as I thought I would...
  10. Maybe if you stick to doing it in New Zealand and skip doing it in Russia?
  11. I think this is second thread this week asking about Pheer... I didn't have a chance to respond to the earlier thread. I bought a Pheer grinder 5-6 years ago. Like you said, it was more affordable then the big names. I hesitate to say too much because it is the only grinder I have ever used, but I absolutely love it. How anybody functions without a grinder in their garage is beyond me. Forget knife making - I use it for everything. I bought his earlier model (the model number is in the 300's, like 327 I think). The one he sells now is the 454 and it looks like he has m
  12. I was just going to say this... It is such a common thing on production knives it must be related to liability.
  13. There is definitely a prevalence of misinformation out there. As usual there are people on both sides and as we all know data can be twisted. Several times already I have had to sit on my hands and force myself not to respond. I think a lot of the panic response we are seeing is a psychological response. Humans are very social and therefore when given time alone, respond in a variety of fascinating ways (some reasonable, but most absolutely ridiculous) which is amplified by our heightened ability to communicate in the era of internet. God, I love social isolation - but they wont le
  14. “Experts Questioning the Corona Virus Panic” Completely unofficial opinion ahead, but I kinda wish these experts would use their expertise to buy a couple more ventilators for the hospitals that are currently trying to decide which patient needs it more.
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