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  1. Adam Weller

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Figured I better check in. We packed up for spring break and headed south. We left 8 foot berms of snow And decided to take on Moab, 2 wheels and 20-40 miles at a time. Now my butt is sore and my hands are shredded, but the 50 degree weather is awesome. No knife work for a bit. See y’all on the flip side. Adam
  2. Adam Weller

    Stock Removal Knife Questions~

    In my opinion, starting with stock removal is the smart way to go anyway. This allows you to practice the finish work, make a solid knife, and requires a smaller initial investment. This is just my perception but when I first got interested in knife making, it was pretty normal to start with stock removal. I think this perception has changed recently with the insurgence of interest related to a certain TV show
  3. Adam Weller

    Buffer Q's

    I was just going to say, I rarely use any kind of buffing wheel... Just hand sand to a high shine (at the most up to 2500 with antler), but I don't think wood needs to go over 600 to 1000 at them most. I suppose if you want mirror polish on the blade (never been a fan myself) you can worry about buffing, but I definitely wouldn't include a buffing wheel in the startup/hobby knifemaking shop...
  4. Adam Weller

    Maybe a Hunter? I dunno you guys tell me ~WIP~

    Definitely improvement over your prior handle, but I would still grab a rasp (or some pretty rough sandpaper) and spend some time sculpting followed by some hand sanding (150 and 220 grit, up to 400ish), steel wool helps, like Alan mentioned, but if you don't have it hand sanding works. It will look way better and will fit your hand even better. You can use a grinder for some initial shaping but I've found its really hard to get any kind of finished look with the grinder.
  5. Adam Weller

    A pair of commissions

    Nice job! Those are beautiful.
  6. Adam Weller

    Spring gardening

    This is brutal... I just went out and took this. See that big marshmallow out there, that’s our greenhouse... that fence right next to it - is an 8 foot fence.
  7. Adam Weller

    Which hammer for me?

    From Jeremy’s post on page one: https://www.axner.com/k-23-firebricks.aspx they are usually sold at pottery supply places. They are very soft, you can basically scratch they with your fingernail.
  8. Adam Weller

    Stock removal class.

    I’m jealous! The knife looks great but being able to learn from someone is always a good thing. I would love to take a class but unfortunately I live out in the middle of nowhere so this forum and research are my teachers.
  9. Adam Weller

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Yes, I sketch it first then engrave. I’m taking pictures of my process, so I will post when I get it assembled. It is fairly tedious, but that seems to be a part I enjoy. This is actually after I filled it with thin CA glue... didn’t work as well as I hoped. The key with the skew chisel is sharpness. I hone and strop constantly. I also keep the edge geometry with a fairly high angle because it’s gotta hold an edge through pretty tough stuff.
  10. Adam Weller

    Which hammer for me?

    Soft fire brick cools down pretty quick, but if it’s built right the whole point of the fire brick is that the heat stays inside the forge and the surface isn’t that hot. Totally different concept but this made me think of this video demonstrating the properties of the space shuttle tiles.
  11. Adam Weller

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Glad to contribute I’m not really sure if your really sure about this? Haha Thanks! I worked on the second knife for a bit this afternoon, went a little more detailed. I like how it turned out Might get some more time tonight. Adam
  12. Adam Weller

    First knife finally finished

    Good for the first! I like goofy little knives for some reason... probably wouldn’t be comfortable for long term use, but something tells me that wasn’t the plan. I agree with Charles, the choil should be at the plunge line. Also if your going to copper wash it wouldn’t that happen before the handle?
  13. Adam Weller

    Maybe a Hunter? I dunno you guys tell me ~WIP~

    You aren't missing any steps really. There are different methods and a bunch of youtube videos that tell you how to build jigs and whatnot, but really what it comes down to is practice. Teaching your hands and arms that muscle memory to hold that blade a steady angle while moving in a horizontal direction and finding that exact same angle over and over again. It's not easy, and takes a lot of concentration and practice. Of note, it really shouldn't be sharp yet. You should be working towards the blade edge being that "dime" or slightly less ( I've found) before heat treat.
  14. Adam Weller

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Thanks Charles! So true... It's just not right, so it bugs me. My wife told me it just looks like falling snow I think I'll just take it as an opportunity to try again, and know what not to do next time. Thanks! It's a rabbit hole, just like everything else in knifemaking, but you should definitely try it.
  15. Adam Weller

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Thanks Alan! The more I thought about it last night the more the inlay part bothers me... I know, i know. With the talk about antler sheaths on that other Sami thread right now, I'm kinda thinking maybe I'll try one for this knife. Otherwise I might just go all dremel tool on it's business and make a new inlay.