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  1. I always look forward to your posts, John. Awesome work as usual!
  2. I am sitting here trying to fathom the amount of work you put into this. Truly a powerful piece. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I too, am a fan of your patina! How does it hold up to use? Does the patina fade and blurr over time.
  4. I like it! I think someday I'm going to have to try a carved handle...
  5. Some quick iPhone pics to prove it so I can finally say this project is DONE! Summer gets crazy busy with almost no shop time but I eked out enough time to put on the finishing touches. I think I’ll try to get some good pictures and then these go to the intended recipients. Without further ado: Pretty proud of the result. Quite a few things I will tweak on the next go around. Always room for improvement. Hope you all enjoyed the WIP. Adam
  6. Nice looking blade. I like how the sheath insets into the guard and the designs complement each other!
  7. I guess I'm still not sure what you have... if it is 0.70 inches thick then it is 7/10ths or closer to 3/4 inch thick which will take a while to forge down to the thickness of a kitchen knife.
  8. No, to give credit where due - I hope Owen doesn’t mind me sharing:
  9. That is plasticine and I recognize it from an Owen Bush Instagram post a couple days ago.
  10. I like these. I think they fit what the restaurant is looking for. They aren't your typical steak knives, people will notice and it adds to the overall unique experience. I'll have to disagree with Alan in regards to the handle length. I like how it looks and I think this is what provides a unique "wow" factor to them (it's not something you normally see). They aren't trying for comfort in this situation. I agree with Alan on the dishwasher... That was one of my first thoughts, the high heat and water will destroy natural materials. Also, you should get ready to make a lot more, I'm guessing these are the type of things that tend to "walk" out of restaurants.
  11. Gorgeous knife overall! Almost to elegant to use. I take it you make your own steel? impressive.
  12. Thanks! I have thought about less contrast, and that might be utilized in the future, but I like the look of the contrast and would like to keep that part of it... I'm kinda stubborn in a way that if I want it to look a certain way I keep trying until I figure it out... Thanks! Thanks Joshua, these are great suggestions... I have a stitching groover, but I didn't think about it because there isn't an edge to guide it, so I would be grooving blind (sounds like something out of the 70's ). I like the tapered drill bit idea, I'll give that a try next time. I keep the holes as tight as I can and I have to use a pair of pliers most of the time to get the needle through, I have to use the awl to line the holes up or I can't get the needle through at all... I do use a knot with each stitch. I think the hardest part of it is you have to stitch half-tan wet, and you have to stitch it on the sheath/knife so that it is tight and forms to the shape. So it isn't like the usual saddle stitch on two flat pieces of leather. I'm still working on the final little touches, got quite a bit done this weekend, but nothing that I think requires WIP pics... Hopefully I can post the completion pics soon.
  13. That looks very similar to my Anvil which is also a Trenton (I have the Trenton logo, but mine doesn't have any of the other marks). Mine weighs in around 190.
  14. Thanks guys! @Conner Michaux - it doesn't seem like its ever going to be done, but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Just a few more finishing touches. Quick Sheath WIP. The leather is "half tan" both surfaces are finished (basically veg tanned from what I've experienced) but the middle layer is left raw, and thus it works a lot like raw hide. It is hard when you get it, I try to soak it at least overnight and then it becomes workable. I cut it dry, and only soak what I need. Then I skive the edges to get more of a taper on the ends of the sheath. I then bevel the inside edges and then smooth them over with a burnisher. This gives it much more of a finished look after it's on the knife. Dye And then I put them in a bag overnight so the dye can set and I can work on them without developing brown fingers and staining the knife. Others dye them after they are attached to the sheath, but I found I made to much of a mess this way. So all three of the sheaths are dyed with Feibing's Chocolate Pro Dye, but I did different things (non-uniform drying, acetone) as the dye was setting to make the different colors and textures. I was really just experimenting. First I wrap the knife in foil and plastic wrap to protect it and also so that the sheath doesn't dry too tight. Then I wrap the leather around the knife and sheath and hold it in place with clamps. Most guys just use an awl and stitch it at this point, but I can't seem to make a staright stitch that way, so I mark it and then drill the holes on my drill press. Then I use an awl and saddle stitch. The end of the stitching curls around the lanyard hole. Then I trim and burnish the edge. I've got to admit, this is the part I'm least satisfied with. I wish my stitching was cleaner... Especially around the corners. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Again, this is how I do it, there are many variations.
  15. Spring hit so time is tight. A lot of cleanup from a long winter. Sun stays up later and; therefore, kids stay up later. Shop time goes down... Got a chance to put some pants on these guys. Tried different things with each one, so they each turned out different. I’ll post some WIP pictures when I get a chance.
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