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  1. Adam Weller

    Dremmel Wood Carving Bits

    I got a dremel tool (well actually it was a craftsman rotary tool) as a birthday present when I was very young (like 10-12ish) I still use it all the time, very useful for many things. That being said I think they are good for (moderately) detailed carving work, and good for carving out a recess for the tang, but I wouldn't use them for the handle as much. Unless, as Alex said above, you are using a sanding drum and cleaning out inside corners... if your using wood carving bits you aren't going to get the nice aesthetic curves that look good on a handle. For that I think a slack belt is by far the best if your not hand sanding or using a rasp/file. Also, wood carving bits don't like hitting pins and/or the tang while you are shaping. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Adam Weller

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Thanks guys I feel better already. Haha. Just to clarify I didn't actually bake the cake, I just take the cake my wife makes, build it, and slather some frosting on it. Tonight is going to be tight time wise considering I have a birthday party to attend! Maybe I can sneak out to work on another handle after everyone goes to bed.
  3. Adam Weller

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Everyone loves sand paper right? I take the handles to 2500 grit before I engrave them and then I do it again afterwards.. I use several different types of sandpaper, quite a few grits from Rhynowet redline (love this stuff), and bridge the gaps with other random types of sandpaper. I keep them stacked in this order and when I start a project like this I take the stack and cut about a 2 inch strip of all the grits at the same time. I get uniform strips of each grit from 150 to 2500. If this doesn't make your fingers tingle it should. Clamp the knife in the vise and then start working my way around the handle. Trigger warning (haha, just kidding, I'm sure you guys can handle it). This is what starts to drive you nuts. See that little perpendicular line. Don't change to the next grit until ALL of them are gone. This usually takes awhile in the bigger grits, but gets progressively easier as you get to higher grits (If you got them all every time!) If you have some of these lines that just wont go away, sometimes you should just drop the back down a grit or two and start over from there. The other rule of thumb is use the sand paper like you stole it (Or use it like it's free, may sound little better). By about 800, this thing is looking pretty nice! And by 2500 it is just straight up Luxury! Oh yeah, so smooth. But I'm about to rain on my own parade. When you use natural materials you are dealing with a non-uniform material... When you turn it over: There is an area that is more porous, starting to get into a touch of marrow... Well during the sanding process those little pores get dust in them and become quite obvious. It actually doesn't look to bad, I thought about just keeping it that way, kind of a tribute to using a nonuniform material. But I wanted to experiment so I cleaned it out (using one of my kids toothbrush and a blower tip on the air compressor) and then filled it (3 coats) with CA glue , followed by sanded it back up to 2500. You can tell it is still there, but it's less obvious and I'm interested to see what will show up with I rub pigment onto the handle after the engraving. That's it for garage work. I'll be doing this same thing two more times. Warning! Non-Knife content ahead: My son turns 10 tomorrow. For some reason when my oldest child turned 1 I decided to make a cake, it was the shape of a frog... Worst mistake ever. 4 kids later and therefore 4 cakes a year for all those years have made me HATE making cakes, but the wife still makes me do it. Two of my kids have converted to pies for their birthday, so it's getting a little easier. He wanted a monster... So I made him a cute little monster peaking up out of the pan. Enjoy. Now that I feel much less manly, I shall retire for the evening. Hope you guys had a great weekend. Adam
  4. Adam Weller

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Busy day. My wife decided that she didn't really feel like sleeping under tons of snow, so my first job of the day was some snow removal This is just the first level, and I'm not down to the roof yet... The upper level was quite a bit deeper, but I had left my phone down, so no pics. Got a majority of it down. If each shovel full is 20-30 pounds and I specifically counted a million shovel fulls, I'm estimating the was 25 million pounds on that roof before this morning I started getting a charlie horse in my right arm so I called it a day about mid afternoon. The next project was a desk and cabinets. A friend was tearing it out of his house... So I got it from him and installed it in my house.I am pretty excited because it fit like is was made for the spot. I have kind of a crazy computer set up for my work, so I need a huge desk, and it fit the bill perfectly. But you guys don't care about any of that stuff, so I headed out to the garage. Took the 3rd knife out of the glue up vise and shaped the handle. I think this trio is turning out pretty sweet. And as promised, Here is my vise. The blade clamps between those two pieces of metal that I glued leather too. The allthread screws into nuts that I welded on either side and is removable so I can use it as a glue vise or just a blade vise. For filet knives you might need to make the clamp part longer? Maybe even add a second set of clamps? Here is the exploded view. looking down the barrel and with the plates in place Hope that helps! I use this thing all the time. With the pipe I welded to it, the blade can be pretty long and still be protected, also you can clamp it in a bench vise at essentially any angle you want. That's all I have for tonight. Adam
  5. Adam Weller

    Tribute to Farriers...A knife for them..

    I gotta ask - is the horse and flames etched in? Love the anvil guard. Overall gorgeous knife. A true tribute.
  6. Adam Weller

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    I made it on a whim a while back. It’s nice because the all-thread comes out and it is great for handle shaping - the tube can clamp in a bench vise at any angle, and the blade is protected and I’m protected from cutting my hand off. When I get the knife out I’ll take some pictures, then you can see what I did and make it even better!
  7. Adam Weller

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    I skipped posting on Valentine's day for obvious reasons Tonight I didn't have much time either, so I grabbed my DMT Duosharps and put an edge on the scandi grind blade. I just run through the 4 grits (from their website): BLACK (X) Diamond - Extra Coarse Use to rapidly repair damaged or real rough edge. (220 mesh, 60 mircron) BLUE (C) Diamond - Coarse Transforms a dull edge to cutting condition. (325 mesh, 45 micron) RED (F) Diamond - Fine Use to put a great edge on slightly dull knives or tools. (600 mesh, 25 micron) GREEN (E) Diamond - Extra Fine Gives everything a polished and razor sharp edge. (1200 mesh, 9 micron) I strop with that chunk of leather. It came off one of those cheap Bota Bags I had when I was a kid. I've been using it as a strop for many years. I've never sharpened a scandi grind before, The angle is easy to keep because you are sharpening the entire bevel, but I did notice you have to move alot more metal... It came out pretty sharp. IMG_5752.MOV Now that it is sharp I mixed up some epoxy and glued it up. Back to waiting for glue to dry. Hope you all had a good evening. Adam
  8. Adam Weller

    African Blackwood X 2

    Love these, Very nice and clean. I really like the texture on the bolster/guard, may I ask how you get that texture on them?
  9. Adam Weller

    Sgian Dubh ish blade WIP

    Perfect! As long as you know what your getting into Definitely on the splintery side, but when done right is gorgeous. I had to dig through the forum a bit, but here is one of my knives I made with Wenge and it is still one of my favorites. Adam
  10. Adam Weller

    Sgian Dubh ish blade WIP

    Nice design and a great start. One thing... You mention Wenge/texas ebony for the handle (I think that's what that says down at the bottom). In my opinion, Wenge is one of the hardest woods to carve and I'm guessing texas ebony is not to far behind on that scale. Unless you have pretty extensive carving experience you might find a friendlier wood.
  11. Adam Weller

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Next installment. Not to much to add as today was pretty redundant with yesterday. took the second knife out of the vise and did some grinder work to get the handles down to the shape I want them. I'm not gluing up the scandi ground one yet because I do want to put a final edge on it before I assemble. By the end of the evening these two look like this. And, a spine shot of one of them. I took the handles up to 120 grit so far. I'm still thinking I want to work on the bolster and the cap, so I'm working that out in my head. Then I will peen the tangs and the construction portion should be pretty much done. Thanks again for the compliments, I'm glad some are picking up some things. I'll say it again,pretty much everything I know I derived from this forum. I have been a daily visitor since it was Don's site back in the day. I think I became an official member in 2007? If I'm helping to propagate the knowledge I have picked up in that time, I'm happy. Haha, Not sure if i'm being scolded here, or if I should take it as a compliment I guess I'll take it as a compliment... Part of my master plan, make you all think I have a clue what I'm doing. It's coming, though you might find it pretty mundane. I've found the concept of engraving is simple... the execution of said engraving is damn near impossible We shall see if I can pull it off. Anticipation is the worst part. That first cut, after all this work... Is killer. One of the things I wanted to work on was consistency and repeat-ability, I figured 2 would stretch my limits, so I went with 3. Well, off to bed. Another early morning moving snow. A parting shot: This is the front of my house. The front deck is about 2 1/2 feet off the ground... So the snow starts well below the bottom of those doors. If I were standing in the snow you would barely see the top of my head (I'm 5'10"). There is also a second floor there, with windows and everything! Usually I can look out the second floor bathroom window and look down our driveway. Not anymore, just a wall of snow. At some point that cornice will fall, It usually happens in the middle of the night and wakes up the whole house. Stay warm out there... And to those of you in New Zealand, stay cool! Adam
  12. Adam Weller

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Thanks Wes, Alan and John. I feel honored It's definitely an interesting and vulnerable process for me to show my methods, and I think I feel like everyone knows this stuff already because all of it was derived from this site in some way or another. Having not made many knives I don't consider myself an expert by any means.
  13. Adam Weller

    Little Edc WIP

    I use a rectangle of hardened steel, if I want alittle more give I use a piece of gasket material on the metal or I use a piece of oak I had laying around...
  14. Adam Weller

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Thanks Wes. I feel like I might be documenting it too well, but I know I love watching other WIP's and I wanted to kinda kick myself out of my usual lurker/comfort zone... I know I'm probably not teaching anybody on here anything, but I'm hoping if someone sees something I could do better they will let me know. It's also a good motivator so I can get this project done, especially when I come home tired from work, move a couple feet of snow, do the usual family stuff, and am really tempted to just be done for the day... Now I have a reason to just go spend some time in the garage and then I realize how much I needed that garage time in the first place. On a side note, I hope you are doing okay in this weather. I'm used to it as the average annual snowfall here is 132 inches, I'm hoping we break all the records this year. Had an earlier meeting at work this morning so I had to clear 2 feet of snow off our driveway by 630. It's still coming down pretty fast so with drifting I will probably do about the same when I get home tonight. Cheers.
  15. Adam Weller

    Frame Handled Fighter (been some time since I posted)

    I love it when I see your posts because I know it is going to demonstrate upper echelon level design, have an impeccable fit and finish, and in some way or other involve rust bluing... You didn't disappoint with this one.