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  1. That doesn't go down well with a lot of us, either. I agree. This is my least favorite part of the show. There are better ways to test the blades. I pretty much ignore this part, but I understand it with the exotic weapons they make in the final challenge considering those are indeed usually design for exactly that...
  2. Don't get me wrong here, I enjoy watching FIF as much as the next guy but I think it had a couple effects... First off, the general conception of bladesmithing to the general public became a 4 hour process, which I think devalues end result of any bladesmith quite a bit (That and everyone suddenly thinks a knife requires damascus steel). Also, I know that FIF definitely made tools harder to come by. All of a sudden that "yard art" anvil became really expensive...
  3. That blade is just beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with the tusk.
  4. This was cool before, but this is whole different level! Love it!
  5. Here’s the whole family
  6. I really like this blade! I want to say the simplicity of the pattern is what gets me, but I know this isn't a simple process. This is going to be an awesome knife!
  7. Left to right 10 year old son (self carved) Mine 9 year old daughter (carved by me)
  8. Well, now I feel a little bit responsible for all of this... With my comment I had absolutely no intention of making pattern welding or carving a requirement for this project. I think the initial point of this KITH be a quick and dirty project. I have had a hankering for carving something, and I felt this would scratch my itch. Just something quick that I could use as a proof of concept and get the enjoyment of a KITH exchange as well. For some it might be trying a Hamon, others a scrap of pattern welding they have left over from a prior project, somebody else might be trying to learn to set a stone... Whatever you think you can get done by Christmas. I would say due to a quick deadline we keep the requirements as ill-defined as possible! As an aside - this is what my subconscious doodled on my agenda this morning as I was leading a meeting...
  9. Given the fairly broad definition of “fantaseax” or lack thereof - I’m guessing you could figure out something I can’t pattern weld, and I’ve never actually carved a handle, that’s kinda what a KITH is for!
  10. Haha, I guess I'm not sure what "period correct" Dwarven/elvish knives look like! I guess if anything I would loosly associate "Seax" with dwarven knives more than elvish. And suddenly I feel like I just became a LOTR nerd... I really just thought a pattern welded blade would look cool with a carved handle
  11. I think I'd be willing to get in on this, carved handle/seaxy thing... Just bummed I don't have pattern welding in my arsenal.
  12. My first thought was that you should know what your forging before you fire up the forge... I’ve found that trying to exactly match a pattern has made my hand forging SO much better. Just my 2cents. Oh and I’m loving the safety foot gear
  13. Well. Thanks again Wes! It definitely helped me. I can see why starting with thinner stock would be easier for sure. Getting quarter inch stock down this thin while stretching it so far was tough! Glad you like them!
  14. Ha, I wouldn’t call what I do at the anvil “skillful” more just brute determination and more heats than I care to divulge. that being said these knives are kinda my way of combating my usual “analysis paralysis” which makes my usual knives take months. These have both been made in the course of a few hours (not counting tempering and epoxy drying time) and I found the less grinding the better. I used to eyeball the pins with a hand drill, but this method is pretty easy and I seem to get good results with it. Also I get less “wander” with the line of pins, with three pins this becomes more important.
  15. I use shims. I copied this down from a recent thread discussing this exact question (I can’t remember who posted it but they had this drawn on their shop whiteboard). Before that I had always had to sit down and figure out the math. Now I just get out my calipers and it’s pretty easy to figure out. Oh and I super glue the shims on. They are going to be ground off in the near future anyway.
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