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  1. Where are you located? You very well might find someone on here that would love to own it.
  2. Probably late to the game, but the seax one caught my eye… I find little changes can make a huge differences so here is my take: Here I straighten out the spine and flattened the belly a bit - which I kinda like even better: I like it better with a smooth spine: then carve something on it of course: Haha, Sorry I was bored and someday I’ll get my shop back so my only contribution isn’t just drawings.
  3. This is so true... I always get kinda sad when I see all these beautiful knives people put so much effort into these days and know that they are going to be shelf princesses for the the forseeable future. At that point why even heat treat?
  4. Thanks Alan, I remember his website fondly from many hours... I had recently tried to pull it back up and knew it was gone - I didn't think of the wayback archive.
  5. Any chances anyone has a copy of the original plans?
  6. Nice knife! Thanks for the mention @Aiden CC. The engraving has a really steep learning curve, and the more of a perfectionist you are the harder it is. There are some guys out there that make this stuff look like it was cut by a laser. I am not one of those guys, but I think I can do ok. My process is pretty simple. I draw the design, use some kind of art fixative to keep it on the surface, and then carve it with a really sharp skew chisel ( i just made my tools). You want to carve a “V’ shaped cut from one side then from the other. When you make the second cut you get a curly tail that comes out of the groove. Sometimes it helps to moisten the antler somewhat with a wet paper towel for a few minutes before carving. Then I rub an oil based artist paint in the cengraving. I think the more traditional way to do it was dark wood/bark dust mixed in lard. I’m not very traditional (either in knife designs or engraving designs). Do lots of test pieces before you do the knife! Here’s a photo dump of some of my stuff:
  7. Here are some additional pictures. Just shot with a phone camera on a spring break trip to the river. I went back and looked for more in process pictures and didn’t find much. I really struggled with the leather, with the taper of the handle it didn’t want to let go of the knife after it was stitched. I ended up with a relief cut in the back (which I can’t find a picture of) Anyway, in the end I finally finished it after 3 crazy years.
  8. I was hoping I’d catch you by surprise Sounded like a good way to make the day a little better. Thanks for the compliments, I’m glad it is to your liking. I’ll post some pictures as well. I didn’t do very well with the WIP part, the leather part of the sheath took some persistence, the end result was the 4th? try and I finally liked it still a little stiff but I think it will break in over time.
  9. I did something similar to this quite a while ago. Except the handle wood connected over the back of the handle. Don’t have a great picture showing bottom of the handle, but the tang is fully exposed along the bottom side of the handle. I thought it turned out ok and allowed me to do some carving on the spine of the handle…
  10. Thanks! I feel like I’m always at work these days so the few times I get to hang out with the the kids and do something with my hands is a good thing. Here’s the whole family (I only carved the one I showed earlier, my wife carved the scarecrow and the kids all carved their own - my oldest son carved two):
  11. Here is my contribution. I have found if I just start cutting without a plan it turns out better
  12. I love stuff like this, Absolutely incredible. I just wish there was more time in the day so I could learn more techniques, and just maybe come even close to something like this.
  13. Well, at this stage in the game I can make it as big as I want... sounds like 4x5, or even 4x6 just cuz I can
  14. Nice, I think I'll just pour it with some dividers to isolate a small (is a 4x4' pad enough?) I doubt I'll have anything very large depending on what I find in the future. Regarding bolting it down - I assume there is no standard bolt pattern I can put in place, so that will have to come secondary when I obtain the hammer.
  15. Hello all, There is the possibility that I am going to be pouring the concrete for a new shop floor sometime this summer. Someday, in the distant future I would love to obtain a power hammer of some type… Any thoughts on pouring a block of concrete sufficient for a power hammer now even though I do not know the make and model of my future tool?
  16. I replied to the last time you posted this as well, but this really looks like a the cardboard sharpening system. Like Alan said it is for quick sharpening/honing but you have to start with a fairly sharp edge. Just search "cardboard sharpening system" and you can find many for sale and the instructions on how to use them.
  17. My guess would be one of those cardboard sharpening systems. Quick google search later: https://www.sharpeningsupplies.com/Paper-Sharpening-Wheel-Kit-for-6-Grinders--P1145.aspx
  18. I like them all! the antler engraving looks great! Fun huh?
  19. Our cat had a little standoff with a fox this weekend.... And yeah, we still have about 2-3 feet of snow on the ground...
  20. Seems to be current trend in our photography section to get first (and only) time posts, not sure what this means... I have been visiting two websites on a daily basis for the better part of 15 years (roughly): This one (bladesmithsforum) and https://apod.nasa.gov/ which is a single daily picture/video related to space with short and typically concise description. I am not into amateur astronomy, I don't even own a telescope, but these pictures fascinate me and to be honest puts my life into perspective. I live in a fairly dark part of the country, and have grown up seeing the milky way overhead and finding familiar constellations. I cannot wait for the James Webb space telescope to blast off.
  21. To second what Alan said, I can draw cool looking stuff all day, but even as I was drawing, I was unable to come up with a good function for any of the designs I drew above (except the bolo which has a well proved history of function). They would not be very good for anything, much less self defense. This also brings up another issue at play here which is the fact that most custom blade makers are going to be pretty hesitant to make a blade with their name on it that is going to end up on the street or eventually in an evidence locker somewhere. Just my opinion.
  22. Well, here is were fantasy blades and functional blades do not get along... What you are describing does not have the edge geometry you need to have a functional knife. By the time the blade edge reaches the guard area (and the tip) there would basically be no “blade” to sharpen. I drew the cross section of the blade below at each level of the blade so you can get an idea what the angles of the bevel are doing and why you basically don’t have a blade as you approach the handle. Hope that makes sense. I don’t do engraving work on metal as of yet, I do more wood/antler/bone carving on stuff and I really only dabble in it at that, given my real job and family takes precedence.
  23. Had a minute before dinner. I would love to hear what this thing is going to be used for as well. It always helps with making the design. Is this at all what you are thinking? 10 inch blade, 5 inch handle, 2 inches wide at the tip, 1 inch wide at the base. This reminds me of a Japanese Nata Tool. I figured I could add the sharp part on the spine later after I figure out what you want.
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