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  1. Our cat had a little standoff with a fox this weekend.... And yeah, we still have about 2-3 feet of snow on the ground...
  2. Seems to be current trend in our photography section to get first (and only) time posts, not sure what this means... I have been visiting two websites on a daily basis for the better part of 15 years (roughly): This one (bladesmithsforum) and https://apod.nasa.gov/ which is a single daily picture/video related to space with short and typically concise description. I am not into amateur astronomy, I don't even own a telescope, but these pictures fascinate me and to be honest puts my life into perspective. I live in a fairly dark part of the country, and have grown up seeing the mil
  3. To second what Alan said, I can draw cool looking stuff all day, but even as I was drawing, I was unable to come up with a good function for any of the designs I drew above (except the bolo which has a well proved history of function). They would not be very good for anything, much less self defense. This also brings up another issue at play here which is the fact that most custom blade makers are going to be pretty hesitant to make a blade with their name on it that is going to end up on the street or eventually in an evidence locker somewhere. Just my opinion.
  4. Well, here is were fantasy blades and functional blades do not get along... What you are describing does not have the edge geometry you need to have a functional knife. By the time the blade edge reaches the guard area (and the tip) there would basically be no “blade” to sharpen. I drew the cross section of the blade below at each level of the blade so you can get an idea what the angles of the bevel are doing and why you basically don’t have a blade as you approach the handle. Hope that makes sense. I don’t do engraving work on metal as of yet, I do more wood/
  5. Had a minute before dinner. I would love to hear what this thing is going to be used for as well. It always helps with making the design. Is this at all what you are thinking? 10 inch blade, 5 inch handle, 2 inches wide at the tip, 1 inch wide at the base. This reminds me of a Japanese Nata Tool. I figured I could add the sharp part on the spine later after I figure out what you want.
  6. Don't worry to much about the "trolling" comments, I think most of us are somewhat gun shy from other forums and are avid defenders of the this site because we don't have a lot of that kind of thing going on. Just know your going to get into that as soon as you bring up "final fantasy" or skyrim or even Lord of the rings type stuff, because it is very common for people unfamiliar with knives to use those as examples of "the perfect knife" when those of us that have dealt with knives over the years know that 99% of the examples from those sources are not utilitarian in the least. I
  7. Don’t know much about Philippine bolos, but with a quick internet search I came up with this... Do with it whatever you want I added the cutout as a slight artistic flair. Blade is 13 inches long (I draw it on a grid so I can keep sizes somewhat relative). BTW, not trying to highjack the thread... I was just curious this morning trying to figure out how this was going to play out and it’s easy to throw designs on paper, not quite as easy making them out of metal of course!
  8. Go for it, it took me all of about 3 minutes I was just going for the most utilitarian cord wrapped handle.
  9. I was kinda wondering about that one myself but hey, I was bored and just trying to make sense of the conversation so far...
  10. I was sitting here trying to make sense of this, and I drew this? Is this remotely what you are thinking Chaim? The blade is 10 inches, handle is about 5.5 inches. Almost 2 inches wide at the tip, about 1 inch wide at the base. Another try at trying to understand the “sharp” parts on the guard? Not sure not he edge geometry, and I’ve never been a huge Han of the geometric grind lines, but this is what I came up with after looking at your drawings: Not sure how you would make the back of the “Hilt” sharp, but maybe a false edge for most of the spine? I’ll let Geoff
  11. Haha true, true. One of the reasons I like handmade stuff, I must admit. But we all strive for perfection just hoping we don't get there right? One of the reasons I struggle with the current trend of CNC everything...
  12. No progress tonight, had a kids birthday party. Thanks for the responses, wanted to try posting a pic after resize: Looks better, now you can see every little tiny mistake
  13. I do pretty much all the engraving with three tools I made. The main one is basically just a skew chisel with a pretty high angle primary bevel that you guide with one hand and push with the others thumb, the second is just a tiny chisel i made and stabbed into a wine cork, and the third is pointed graver thing that i made to clean up the edges after I engrave them: This brings up a question: any recommendations out there for good tool steel for little tiny chisels like this? That skew chisel I made when I knew nothing to very little about heat treating and it keeps an
  14. Some “in process” shots from the weekend. Draw: cut:
  15. Haha - I’ll take this as a compliment! I’m working on the design, don’t have any pictures but I’m liking how its coming out.
  16. Started carving on the bolster yesterday and today. I just use an old dremel tool with a flex shaft that I got as a set when I was around 12 years old. In the first picture you can see the bit I used for most of it, then I switched to some dental bits I got from my dentist. I will do a final texture on the outside edges because they will get sanded again as I engrave the bone. It will all be patina’d and not be all shiny... First I carved the general shape I wanted out of the nickel silver bolster. The I started giving it a texture
  17. I'm kinda debating in my mind if I want to go in the antler a bit but I haven't fully decided yet. I'm kinda flying by the seat of my pants on this on more than I usually do. I have actually learned to trust my hands quite a bit in situations like this (maybe due to hours of making tiny cuts in antler?) and I will probably use the dremel tool to do some texturing, the extent of which is unknown at this point.
  18. Got some work done on the second blade. Got the bolster drilled out and fitted. I don’t know if I’m ever going to be good at this part, it never seems to go smoothly. I drill out the back first, the drill a series of holes: I use a Dremel tool to “machine” the back and the slot and it ends up looking like this: then I use small needle files to get a tight fit I don’t have any great pictures of the surface, but I peen the surface for texture. Then I drilled out the antler, drilled a
  19. Thanks for posting these, gotta admit I didn’t take any detail shots. When I look at it - all I see if the imperfections, which I learned to embrace by the end as part of the process, but not enough to take any super close ups
  20. I have some more pictures of the first knife, I didn’t want to include the box I made for the knife on here initially so there would be some element of surprise, but now that Josh has it in his possession I figured I would post a few more: I think I had more fun carving the box, than the actual handle!
  21. Small amount of work done today. Messing with the design some, don’t mind the doodles on the handle, just messing around, nothing finalized until it is engraved in the antler.
  22. Soon! The pictures took awhile because she was waiting for the perfect light and we have had quite a bit of cloudy weather lately...
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