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  1. aweller

    Composite Sax-inspired

    Dave, this looks like a powerful blade. "Relic" comes to mind but that seems overused these days in the knife making world. Any plans for a sheath? I get your lack of enthusiasm for Facebook praise. You see the same "that's amazing" comments for everything under the sun. It's totally different when it comes from your peers who know the amount of work it takes.
  2. aweller

    Need some opinions

    The other thing that seems a little off to me is the direction of the numbering. I guess I consider the blade tip or the spine to be "up" so I would put the numbering with the 8 closest to the blade instead of the butt of the handle. Or with the numbers laid out in a horizontal manner with the blade edge being "down." I can totally see how your layout would work in a typical sheath carry but I just think the presentation of the knife is better the other way. Hope this makes sense, hard to do without drawing a picture... Always hard to start carving something that you've put so much work into already.
  3. Love number 1 and 4... Both the shape of the blade and the pattern is very nice. I'm definitely tempted, but I better leave these for someone who can do the blades justice.
  4. aweller

    Drop Point

    I've come back to this post several times and I really like this knife. I think the overall dark tones of the wood and the finish on the blade really compliment each other. The other thing I really appreciate is the design work. I draw lots of pictures but my mind wanders and by the end the blade does not usually match my initial concept sketches. I think being able to match your initial sketch shows a mastery of the materials (even though you left off the handle wrap I like it better without anyway). Awesome work!
  5. That's a solid first knife! Looks solid and I appreciate the finish, one of the hardest parts I found in the beginning was finishing the details and getting the grind lines out. Hand sanding is hard, but becomes therapeutic/meditative. I agree with the comments above, especially the thickness of the scales. Took me a couple tries to really get that right so it was truly comfortable over the long term. I would say looking at the pictures the scales should be close to half that thickness. I've never done a curved plunge line, but I always assumed they were initially formed on a disk sander with the curve of the plunge matching the diameter of the wheel. Maybe someone who has done it can chime in.
  6. aweller

    I-beam metal for knife making?

    Don't you wish sometimes you could be the 13 year old boy helping tend the fire for 12 months in one of those shops? It would be considered child abuse these days. The fact that he can make pretty much the entire blade with 2-3 heats just blows me away.
  7. aweller

    Rhomboid Hunting Puukko with Sculpted Handle

    Beautiful knife! I love the sculpted handle. I agree with Alan, I feel the blade and handle combination is perfect.
  8. aweller

    Lucky 13th - "Sami Influenced" blade

    Thanks Derrick! Its an intimidating little niche for sure, but fun. You should give it a try.
  9. aweller

    Two blades with PW bars

    These are beautiful! I'd be worried my handle would not do the blade justice! Definitely on my list of things to learn someday.
  10. aweller


    I have been following this forum for many years, since it was on Don Fogg's site. I have always appreciated the way people were treated even when they asked the same questions over and over again. Over the years, sometimes the answers changed and I learned something new. While most of this time I didn't have the time, money, or place to actually make anything, I spent the time soaking up the information, and a lot of times I think the repetition helped. I figured out early on that I didn't usually need to ask any questions because the answers are already here. Figuring out how to search (site:bladesmithsforum.com <search term>) made this site an incredible resource. Now that I've been able to play with actual metal a bit, I'm hoping to be able to contribute. I still consider myself a beginner, but I have a lot of knowledge to back it up, and I consider this site the primary reason for my successes.
  11. aweller

    Lucky 13th - "Sami Influenced" blade

    Yes, sheds have dried up and fallen off so the have less blood in the marrow and the antler itself. Definitely wouldn’t want it still in velvet. Ill send him an email! If you know anyone else just send me a quick direct message. Thanks again!
  12. aweller

    Lucky 13th - "Sami Influenced" blade

    Jake, Thanks! It has been somewhat frustrating regarding reindeer/caribou antler, I think it is a location thing (as I have elk and deer antler laying around) and I’ve thought about making a trip to Alaska to look for it... But that would make for very expensive antler I will try to contact Mark Knapp. I definitely don’t want trophy sets, as I immediately cut them up and I need a size that is alittle bigger than what fits in the hand. Classic Reindeer are smaller than caribou so I would need the sheds (sheds are preferred - less blood then hunted sheds) off a fairly young animal. I’ve been looking for contacts in Alaska - so if anybody has any please let me know. I’ve found a full set of antlers can be cut down and shipped in a flat rate usps box so it’s not that expensive. Adam
  13. aweller

    Lucky 13th - "Sami Influenced" blade

    Thanks Jim! I can only hope my process and explanations help someone else in the future!
  14. aweller

    Lucky 13th - "Sami Influenced" blade

    Thanks John! I appreciate it! I was admiring your puukkos this last week or so and can attest to how difficult it is to to really get it right. It seems like a simple shape and straightforward construction but upon execution it is hard to make it sit in your hand and feel right. My next knife will probably be along those lines. We shall see how it turns out.
  15. aweller

    My latest hunter, an experiment with copper.

    I’m liking this experiment! Killer looks and I really want to see what kind of patina develops. Any thoughts on durability/rust prevention of a finish like this?