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  1. RWL34 hand made mirror finished (without electric machineries) Total length is 164mm (about 6"), blade is 70 x 7mm (about 3") Handle is birch, leather sheath 3,5mm. Tacchette sul dorso fatte a lima
  2. Thanks Jake, I have used my oven: About 700°F for few second, but the surface of the blade should be to mirror finished
  3. RWL34 hand made mirror finished with coloration that proposes the colors of the early-morning sky, rotating / moving the blade. Total lenght is 315mm (about 12"), blade is 183 x 7mm. (about 7") Fittings are brass, handle is stab. maple burl; stand is brass and mahogany. (not for sale)
  4. Thank you Dave, a cordial regard from Venice
  5. 440C ss, black from the oven; total lenght 233mm (about 9"), blade is 111mm (about 4") x 5mm. Detachable scales are snakewood + red spacers. Leather sheath sewn to hand + crocodile inlay
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