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  1. This one is available. $2000 conus
  2. Length:28 3/4" Blade: 21 3/4" Taper: 3/16" at guard to 1/16" 1/2" from tip Grip: 4 1/2" Weight: 1lb 3oz. Pivot point: At tip PoB: 3 1/2" CoP: 14" SN: 1" 1075 patina blade, chisel cut engraved, rope edge steel guard, antler grip, 2bar twist pattern welded pommel, engraved brass nut. Here is a video of forging the blade for this sword: https://youtu.be/cuPmW62WasU
  3. Please note: THIS IS NOT A REAL HAMON! I've done legit clay tempered hamons in the past but this is not one of them, sometimes beauty is only skin deep.
  4. "Tatchi" 35" overall 24" blade (spring steel 1/16" thick faux hamon/bevel) 1lb 6oz. Maple grip Steel fittings This was a fun sword I tried pushing the limits of the low cost line of swords to see what kind of aesthetics could be achieved without adding to the cost. Came out better than I imagined.
  5. Rather an awkward shaped grip to do the composite picture from but you get the idea.
  6. 15N20 blade,with skull crusher, carved Peruvian walnut grips, leather sheath.
  7. MkII Catsclaw blued with kydex sheath. Weight 1.2 oz These BU/LD knives allow you to fully manipulate a firearm without having to re-sheath the knife saving seconds when it counts. But unlike a normal ring knife the spur prevents the knife from rotating in your hand and cutting your other fingers as well as allowing a more secure grip.
  8. Here are a couple of swords I just finished for Privateer Armoury. D-Guard sword (S.5 Swords and Blades of the American Revolution) Patined 1084 distal tapered blade, iron hilt, fluted rosewood grip, birch/leather/brass scabbard. Specs: Total weight: 2lb 1oz Sword weight: 1lb 7oz Length: 30" Blade: 24.5" CoP: 17" PoB 5.5" Double Shell-Guard(from the Greenwich National Maritime Museum) Patined, 1084 steel distal tapered blade, iron hilt, antler grip, birch/leather/brass scabbard. Specs: Total weight: 2lb 7oz Sword weight: 1lb 12oz Length: 30" Blade: 25" CoP: 16.5" PoB: 4.5"
  9. walter, You are right about the two finger design being better BUT it has to be custom fit to the owner and is bigger and heavier. These were an attempt as making a knife as small as possible while keeping good retention and still being useful. These fit in a watch pocket, adding room for a second finger would make that difficult. Life is full of trade-offs. Thanks for the input.
  10. No Problem, I figured that is what happened. Thanks for all your work around here.
  11. There are three similar to this one but with slightly different grinds and specs (the other topics got deleted somehow).
  12. Aldo 15N20 1/8" steel. $35 USD shipped CONUS.
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