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  1. Well, we had a great time, got to meet some new and old friends! I hope everyone had a great time! In a few days i hope to have some great pictures developed or put into the PC, if any of you guys that came down have pics them by all means put them up! God Bless Kenneth
  2. yes, by all means bring the hammer! we can find a compresser somewhere i am sure! glad your makeing it down, see ya in a few weeks! God Bles Kenneth
  3. gonna ask you fellers something. if you plan on comeing PM me here so i can get a estimate on how much food to bring. thanks in advance. oh and more has been added to the demo list!
  4. Adlai, I hope you can make it down!. if i was able to drive i would come up to your hammer in! for i would like to see that wax carveing demo you have set up! if you can make it down. bring that mace, i have it's evil brother finished and would like to get a picture of the two of them crossed( made a nasty nasty flail!) i think you would have a great time.I would like to find butches phone number so i culd invite him down. or you could do it if you would not mind? hope ya make it! God Bless Kenneth
  5. Well it seems it is that time of year again folks! We will be hosting the third annual south east hammer in, here in Harlan county, Kentucky on the june 26th-28th. There will be something for everyone! We will be haveing demos, a steel smelt. hawk throw, knife show, and iron in the hat. There is camping on site, really cheap, plus if you say your are there for the hammer in you get a discount! there is shower facilities on site as is restrooms. Alas if you dont want to rough it, there are plenty of hotels within 10-15 miles from the site! So far the demonstrators are as follows: Danny Estep doing grinder demos and showing how to use a bader 3 style grinder to its best effect! Wes Byrd is going to discuss knife design ethics and also will be helping kids forge little knives for themselves! Randy Skidmore doing a steel smelt! Bob ouilette( i know i mispelled that!) doing some forgeing demos! plus our own richard mize will be helping with forgeing tips for novice forgers Kenneth Cornett(me) doing a drifted hawk There will be more demonstrators to be added as they confirm. For directions go to http://www.harlancountycampground.com/directions.html there will be FOOD A'PLENTY!!!!!! there will be four gas forges, two anvils, and two bader 3 grinders and a 2 hp Blador buffer, and If we cross our fingers enough, a power hammer for all to use! Bring your own saftey glasses and gloves please!(safty fisrt and all that!) Kelly Cupples has sent us a bunch of 1065,1080,1095, 5160,52100, 15 n 20! thanks Kelly!!!!!! There will be a cutting contest, useing the following rules for knife size: no wider than 2 ", no more than a 10" blade, over all length no more than 16" and there must be a lanyard or wrist loop of some sort for safety. design your knives with rope cutting, 2x4 hacking, and water bottle sliceing in mind! There will also be a small knife show, with awards for the best in show! There is also a iron in the hat, it is not mandatory to bring something for it, but if you did it would be much appriciated. Tail gate sales and trades are encouraged!!!( gotta love bartering!) Can you geuss the best part about our hammer in ??? IT IS FREE! hope you can make it down(or up) to this shindig, will be great fun. God Bless Kenneth
  6. Lord Possum, thanks for that! that music has some soul! glad i clicked that link
  7. if it is not bad form to say this, ya could go over to knifeforums.com and put it on the bernard levine forum there. if anyone would know it would be him. he knows a thing or three bout SF bowies and the makers that did them. hope ya find out for sure, then let us know! God Bless Kenneth
  8. Gratz! someday my ugly junk might be in there!..probably not.lol i remember you talking bout that Alan when you was up here for our hammer in. again gratz. God Bless Kenneth
  9. nice ones Karl! wish we had more of those round here. i found alot of morels this year. the best place to find them is in pine thickets, ecspecially after a fire! something about burning the underbrush make them pop up like made. and they do like humidity. but as i said look in a pine grove or thicket with lots of decaying needles on the ground. bet ya, ya will find some God Bless Kenneth
  10. you are right alan, antler will brown with agelike mershaum will. i had one made from elk antler and it turned a nice amber color. got one question....how small was the deer that came from! was it a spike? if not that is probably the smallest crown i have seen in a while. those are nice!!! anything with antler is a good thing! God Bless Kenneth
  11. The babe with the power! i think some of us have way to much free time! love the show by the way....uhmmm i only watch it cause my kids like it!
  12. Good Deal guys! Glad you had a good time, i was slightly dissappointed saturday morning when not many showed up. BUT! I got over that real fast when I saw that it was a gathering where everyone could have forge time, and the demonstrators could see everyone eye to eye and did not have to shout. It was great to meet new friends and to say howdy again to the old ones. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, good Lord knows I did. The knowledge that was collected there was astounding, and we now have 2 young men and one older one HOOKED!!! Alan, Rick, and Randy thank you for the demos you ran, they were very informative and very very well done. There were knives a plenty to drool over! That gross messer of alans is a thing of beauty, as are his hawks. Randys damascus is a sight to see, and I am sure he has to polish all his blades cause of the drool all over them! Ricks sheath making demo had me smacking my head, cause of all the things i should have known but did not! every one made something pointy(even me) Bob made the neatest lil neck knife, that i gave to my God son. Me and Bob tempted fate saturday night with water quenching for some clayed up blades. Sadly Bobs cracked, maybe he will turn wath is left in to a super friction folder. I made a deeply hollow ground loveless hunter from 1095 that has a NICE quench line on it. The food was there in great supply! I will have o go hunting again this fall and see if i can harvest more for next year! If you can, come down next year! It is well worth it guys. I am glad everyone made it home safely. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!! God Bless Kenneth
  13. Good deal bob! cant wait to meet ya! and guys, if you plan on entering the cutting contest let me know by PM or email me at hound_of_ulster2001@yahoo.com so i know how many water bottles, 2x4's and rope to get. God Bless Kenneth
  14. Bob, hope to see ya there! and mac..dang wish ya coulda made it down. i made a new flail and you coulda brought that mace and we would smash some melons or something! nothing like grown men playing with tthe toys they have! and i wish i could make it up to your hammer in as well. looks like it will be a good time. God Bless Kenneth
  15. Howdy guys, i been meaning to post this over here, but i kept forgetting. then my pc blew up!. but here is some info for this little shindig just wanted to give you a heads up on a hammer in that will be takeing place on the 27th-29th of june. we have a camp ground reserved, ithas full electric and water, showers all the works. there will be 5 forges running three propane, two coal. three 2 x 72 grinder will be on hand for grinding, there will be a youth forge set up as well so bring them youngins! there will be a cutting comp on saturday, standard rules apply to it. there will be demos set up through out friday-saturday evening. then saturday night there will be a Iron In The Hat so bring some junk to donate for it if you want to, not mandatory. tail gate sales welcome bring your junk and trade it for someone elses junk!(my favorite part of hammer ins!) on saturday night after the iron in the hat i wil be BBQing some red neck gourmet food, mainly venison and some wild boar chops , country style ribs both pork and beef,with grilled corn. here is some demo info! Alan Longmire doing his hawk demo! Richard Mize doing carveing(or whatever he feels like!) Rick Lowe doing a sheath demo Randy Skidmore doing Whatever he wants( not sure as of yet) Kenneth Cornett(me!) doing handle wraps of various styles, and later how to dish sheet metal( helmet makeing) if anyone is interested. And i think Larry Harley said he might be able to do a youth forge, not sure as my memory is shot, have to call him and make sure. will up date more when others call me and tell me for sure what they will be doing. so if your near south east KY( near the VA border) come on down! or up! according to how you hold your map i guess, there will be plenty of room, tent camping on site is readily available, as are cabinsand RV hookups. and inns and motels are within 15 miles.The number is 606-573-9009, the address is 8331 North U.S. Hwy 119, Putney, Kentucky,40865 the website is www.harlancountycampground.com PLEASE!!!!! USE!!!!THE!!!!DIRECTIONS!!!FROM!!! THE!!! SITE!!!! to get there. there is maps and directions for whatever way you are coming. if you use map quest it will take you to a camp ground bout 30 miles on the other side of the mountain. so please use the directions located here. www.harlancountycampground.com if your interested PM me or email me at hound_of_ulster2001@yahoo.com we would love to see you there! God Bless Kenneth P.S. more info will be posted as i get it on the demos and events.
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