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  1. Lihan Hauk

    reverse kasaki

  2. Jup it seems a little bit big. Cant wait to see it all done and shine.
  3. Hi Darci, Your Dad is right its only a design change but a good one I love your Knives and this Bowie special, go on with the good work.
  4. Lihan Hauk

    yet another freakin seax topic

    Hi here is a nice site i found with Saex http://www.myseum.de/index.php?option=com_adsmanager&page=show_category&catid=64&text_search=&order=0&expand=0&Itemid=60 the thing that i find weary interesting is this Saex http://www.myseum.de/index.php?option=com_adsmanager&page=show_ad&adid=2945&catid=179&Itemid=60&expand=0&prevpage=show_category&text_search=&prevuserid=77&prevcatid=64&prevorder=0&prevlimit=0&prevlimitstart=0 It says in the description that the Saex is as brittle as Glass with is a sine that it was hartend weary high.
  5. Lihan Hauk

    European hamons

    Hi first of all sorry for my lousy English. I do believe that there where Blademakers who knew about clay covering. For in the German version of the Sigurdsaga there is a part where Sigfried emerges him self in the blood of the Dragon (colour of Steel?)to harden him self. but a leave falls on his back where hi didn't harden and was vulnerable. So i think that the Smith of old times knew that through covering you can prevent the Steel from getting hard. love the Forum!
  6. Lihan Hauk

    Great Big Seax

    Howdy are there any new pictures? I cant wait to see how You finish the Blade. Greats Hugh
  7. Lihan Hauk

    Twisted Steel

    Niceeeee Knive!!!! Looks good and i Know that this Handel feels very good to the hand, i made a view my self. I like your stile!!
  8. Lihan Hauk

    The forging of Dusk .

    Howdy, in German we call them Bauernwehr(Farmers Defense) , Hauswehr(Hausdefense), Langes Messer(Long Knife), there are more names for sure. In old Times only the Nobel had the right to have Swords, thou the Farmers and not so Nobel had large Knives and they Knew haw to use them see hear http://images.google.de/images?q=bauernweh...le&resnum=4
  9. Lihan Hauk

    Steel Making

    The straw is not to ad C but to prevent the loss of Carbon. I think! Very nice Bobby!
  10. Lihan Hauk

    Darci's #2 Knife + new Puppy

    Great Knife Darci! You really are gifted, i love your design. And the joke is good lol
  11. Lihan Hauk

    Yasuki Blue paper steel D-guard Bowie

    Hi, sorry for my bad English, but i can tell that the name comes from the blue paper it is rapt in when sold, their is also a with paper steel but it is without W and Cr. Clint, i love the knife!
  12. Lihan Hauk

    my first finished knife "Darci"

    Way to go Darci. I can see a knivefuture aaa i mean a nice future for you
  13. Lihan Hauk

    Cable Damascus Integral Clip Point

    I like your work, and yout tutorial`s are Great!
  14. Lihan Hauk

    New work from Fuad Accawi

    Jihaa! F. Accawi not that i realy like your Knives, now your an Firefly Fan too..yeeee A pitti that its goon, but i have the DVD's.
  15. Lihan Hauk

    Blister/shear steel

    Howdy sorry my english is not so good, but it can be that you now have a very clean high to midiumcarbon Steel and this kind of steel needs Brinn to harden proberlie. give it a dry, ad some Salt und a litel dischwash and maybe it works