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  1. Hi

    first of all sorry for my lousy English.


    I do believe that there where Blademakers who knew about clay covering. For in the German version of the Sigurdsaga there is a part where Sigfried emerges him self in the blood of the Dragon (colour of Steel?)to harden him self. but a leave falls on his back where hi didn't harden and was vulnerable.

    So i think that the Smith of old times knew that through covering you can prevent the Steel from getting hard.


    love the Forum!

  2. Howdy

    sorry my english is not so good, but it can be that you now have a very clean high to midiumcarbon Steel and this kind of steel needs Brinn to harden proberlie. give it a dry, ad some Salt und a litel dischwash and maybe it works :rolleyes:

  3. Greetings,


    has anyone ever seen or know if swordsmiths in europe ever made removable handles? Or if not why?




    Hi all,

    I'm new here and must say that my English writing is relay bad, thou please excuse my bad spelling skills.

    I read a lot about European blades and so far havened seen any that are meant to be reassembled.

    But as always that doesn't mean that there wasn't any.

    The most are clued or pinned, jet some Rapier and Smalsworts have an extra nut or elevation where the tang is pinned over, this can be filed of britty easily and the handle removed..

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