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  1. I'll be bringing the chili again. Anyone got anything they want to see.
  2. Looking forward to it again this year. Cannot wait.
  3. Much fun. Great hanging with old friends and new. I think I'm still tired. Glad we beat the snow.
  4. Dam I missed Sam. I logged off and when I go back it only lets me watch Don again???? I'll try again later.
  5. Wish I had a chance to do another crucible burn in my forge but so many were using it I didn't get a chance. I think it ran almost constant the hole weekend. Last year Jeff helped me hide one under the shelf in the forge so it fired while we forged damascus on top. This is the only pict I could find of it . Jeff's distortion field was strong then too.
  6. Wonderful weekend. Taught some ,shared some, learned some. Ate well. Hung with old friends and new ones. Who could ask for more! Thanks for doing this again. What's on the agenda for the next one? I'm ready.
  7. Home from work. Loading truck. Picking up sausage and diesel. Be there around noon.
  8. Got stuff ready. Pack up everything after work and head your way. Going to be a great weekend.
  9. Just finished another forge. Mike Shipe welded the hard frame. I just set the liner and filled with refractory. I fired up the burner and just because I put a small crucible with a little brass....20 min..liquid. Beer time! Jeff.....What do you think if we set up one next to your forge and use a diesel burner to see the difference. Bring enough ore for a try. Need more crucibles too. Maybe try a clay pot lined with refractory.
  10. I'll try to get buy this weekend to check it out. If I do I'll bring the mixer.
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