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  1. Those spears are all so great! I wasn't able to get time off work to take the class, but I really really wanted to ! I'm a big fan of using black iron pipe for sockets on tools, done right it's almost indistinguishable from a forge welded socket. Tapering black iron pipe is a fun easy forging exercise. Likewise another way to make a forged socket out of wrought is to first forge weld a straight tube, which can be a lot easier than a taper, and then to taper the tube after just like iron pipe.
  2. The one acinaces / akinakes that I have handled from the transitional period between bronze age and early iron age, the handles were cast in place around the iron blade. That said, I cant really tell enough about the above photographed one just from the images. Suffice it to say that, as a blade style that spanned from the bronze age up right into the iron age, there were certainly a large number of techniques used in the creation of them.
  3. Gorgeously preserved spear with a lovely reinforced tip. Thank you for sharing !
  4. That bronze axe is just phenomenal !
  5. See you all in a few weeks. Hope the weather's a bit warmer this year since i plan on van-camping again =D Last year was single digits at night !
  6. Thanks will take it into advice =) I havent been over there in more than 10 years
  7. This was my main shop anvil for 12 years. I just picked up an anvil twice the size which is going to become my main shop anvil, and i dont really need all the anvils that I've got, so I'm going to let this one go. $500 , picked up at my shop in Woonsocket RI, or I can deliver it to the Swords through the Centuries event in Wolcott CT in a few weeks as well. 1 inch hardy hole, a hair oversized so 1 inch tooling actually fits properly. Will come mounted to the stump, since the stump is too small for my new anvil I cant reuse it.
  8. As usual, I'll be there! Not an event to miss. I'll have a big bag of disposable earplugs for people to borrow in t he bunkhouse again too =D
  9. Everyone I know who has one loves it. Honestly i don't know how you can say a non-self-contained air hammer is noisy... a compressor might be noisy, but the air hammer itself just has a little exhaust noise which is just a slight hiss and barely makes any noise at all.
  10. Very nice axes. Nothing like using a well made axe to get a real feel for 'using' tools. Powertools have us all spoiled =P
  11. yup completely free to use, dont have to pay unless you want to use extra icons and animated avatars and stuff
  12. Alternately we could just set up a discord server to hang out and chat blade stuff in, rather than trying to integrate it into the forum page
  13. That should be perfectly fine, because the evenheat controler has a fuse in it. (or at least mine does!) The trick is to have fuses in line with whatever circuit that will burn out before the wires catch fire, this can be a 'starter' with a fuse for a motor, just a twist in fuse for a kiln, or a breaker that's the right size. I've got my evenheat running off a 50 amp welder outlet as well =) EDIT: Ack, sorry for the necro-post, for some reason this one thread showed up as 'new' to me and i thought it was recent!
  14. Nice little hammer, that A frame must give it a lot of stiffness though
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