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  1. Mike,Glad you got to talk to Dr.Batson about this,He is one of the people that told me that it wasnt a framed handle years ago.... I started to do a reproduction for a customer years and years ago who asked me if I could do the same knife you have in the first post the same way Price did it.I asked him what he meant and he explained that he had seen a original with the craxks and had discussed it with some other people and they all agreed that you could not see a framed handle through the crack and thus thought it was forged after the guard was set.I asked around myself at Batsons hammer i
  2. Very Awesome....Great looking family photo of the hawks and axes. Bruce
  3. WOW !!!! That is awesome.I would like to carve something like that one day. Bruce
  4. Thanks for the great reply's everybody.My customer will have it at the NY show next weekend and would be glad to show it off... I will be doing more sets with this theme. Bruce
  5. The Rose.... This bowie is forged 5160 with a African Blackwood handle all nickel silver hardware.A throat and tipped sheath.The Bowie is 13 inches total length tip to butcap.... All comments welcome Thanks for looking, Bruce The hand made leather bound case is all lined with red velvet (made by me)containes a round bottle with knife wax,the 3 viles have knife oil-polishing cream-honing oil I hand made a full nickel silver tri hone that has diamond stones on it with shell ends The Bowie and sheath... I went through a real learning curve on making this case that
  6. She is very SWEEEEEET Terry Good Luck in Ar. Bruce
  7. Man the carving is SWEEEEEET..I cant wait to see it finished either. Bruce
  8. That is totally awesome.. Bruce
  9. Thia is a really sweet looking Knife
  10. That is SWEEEEEEEEEEEET.. Awesome axe. Bruce
  11. She is really Gorgeous Karl.Love the clean look of the handle. You dont by chance have a tutorial on how you do your take down handles do you,I would love to see how you do them. Bruce
  12. I bet that texturing tecnique you used on the Hobit pipe would look really cool on a knife handle also,or at least as a pattern on the handle kind of like a panel of checkering... To Cool, Bruce
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