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  1. Greg, Absolutely stunning. Beautiful patterns, I cannot even imaging the physical work and care needed to create your Shamshir. Congratulations on such a magnificent piece.
  2. Kenon, Have you checked to see if the air and gas lines are clear & clean. A bit of debris, a spider web, a hose that has an inside cut/flap which moves in to the path of the flow, etc can make a fine system work very poorly. Depending on the size of your mig fitting, a little bit of flake can sit on the side and move about, causing poor gas flow.
  3. Hi Steve, Are you still selling the wrought iron, round stock? I would be interested in 2 flat rate boxes. Thanks, Stephen Hull
  4. Brent, you certainly have been very generous in sharing your skills and information and I need to say this. On Primal there is a very heated discussion about this post which you placed there. No right or wrong here and it is obviously a very charged topic with lots of emotion on all sides and it is not about bladesmithing and I wonder about the value of it here. Stephen
  5. Hi Greg, I thought your garbage can furnace showed great innovation. And there certainly is not doubt that it really worked. Your production of wootz was really impressive. I found a liquid oxygen tank which will be my shell. Lots of mods but it should work just fine. It is a very slow process for me and following you and the others who are doing wootz, it is keeping me going. Thanks for all your great information and willingness to share. Stephen
  6. Hi Greg, What is the refractory that you are using for your furnace? I saw the "garbage can" furnace you did with the high temp refractory. A very nice setup. I believe you mentioned you really like the Vesuvius crucibles. Do you have a source. Thanks, Stephen
  7. Hello Stephano, This is a beautiful piece. Your attention to each detail is really impressive. I agree, WOW!! I feel very fortunate to be able to view your works. I looked at your web site and see that this level of craftsmanship is your trademark. It is inspiring. Stephen
  8. Congratlations. Great to follow your project!!!
  9. Stephano, Your tutorial is really good!!! I really like your picture, it adds you to the words, and you truly have made the most of your space. Keep up the fine work and the inspiration. Stephen
  10. Hi John, I sent you a PM. Are you getting them? I sent one before. Your machine work looks excellent. It really is fun watching the project come to life. Thanks, Stephen
  11. Hi John, Very nice machine work. This is going to be a big step up from the CD version. Thanks for sharing your progress and photos. Add me to the list of also looking forward to seeing your finished project. Stephen
  12. Stephen Hull

    ? Malware

    I am getting a malware threat notice when I open the Persian Fighter and Tatoo links. It says www.baltimoreknife.com may have some malware. Anyone else having this isssue. Thanks, Stephen
  13. Hello Cyrus, That was a beautiful and very thought provoking film. I know it causes me to look at my life in a new way. Thank you for sharing it. Stephen
  14. Certainly not boring, fascinating. It would be real interesting about those garbage can upgrades. Thankyou for the inspiration. Stephen
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