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  1. Cocobolo is extremely toxic....I ended up with COPD from sanding it while using an industrial type face mask..Be Careful !
  2. I have a Tommy McNabb /Carolina knives press...The shaft from the cylinder broke where it attaches to the yoke. I replaced it with a new cylinder..If anyone is building a press on a limited budget, you're welcome to this one for free. I'm sure it could be welded or drilled and tapped...It's located in Santa Fe. At over 70 lbs , i won't ship it. it's 20 ton, 3000 psi. email me at amyandarthur@aol if serious. It works perfectly
  3. Hi Guys, I'm making a primitive Bowie and found some old bone that would make a great handle. It has small cracks and is chalky white. How should I finish it ? Super glue or I hope something better. Also do I stain it before or after the super glue, and what kind of stain would work best ?. Thanks for any and all advice
  4. Hi Geoff...Happy Thanksgiving The black is just the usual result from making Damascus...Since I usually make "Sporting knives" nobody has ever cared,,,Since she's cooking a thanksgiving dinner, She washed the knife then dried it with paper towels and black appeared on the towel after several washings...I just cleaned the blade for her its alcohol and that seemed to work, but others must face this problem too...I just wonder what other makers do.
  5. I've made several Damascus [1084 /15n20] chef's knives for Holiday gifts.....I gave one away as a trial and the recipient says she won't use it because the "black" keeps coming off no matter how many times she washes it....Any solutions, these already have handles on them.
  6. Compare to that beautiful blade you ground...slab handles will be a piece of cake...Go for it !
  7. Most of the old Known brands make stuff in China among other places..It's now buyer beware
  8. PKA Denver Custom Knife Show 8/19-8/21 If you're around stop by and say hello
  9. I've had my KMG almost 10 years……..I love it as it is.
  10. I often use cutting boards for handles……Lately I've been seeing lots of bamboo cutting boards…attractive and reasonable priced. …Anyone use them or other bamboo for handles?? Thanks, And Happy Thanksgiving to all !
  11. I was recently given a bunch of Mercury brand farrier rasps…..people on the 'net seem to think these are case hardened. I heated one to bright red, quenched it in water, then held it on my anvil and hit the overhanging part. It snapped. Then I reheated the file and quenched it in the peanut oil I usually use. A new Nicholson file skated on it... Does this all mean I'm good to go?? Thanks for all help or suggestions.
  12. I have several requests for farrier rasp chefs knives…..I forgot how to tell if there case hardened or good to go high carbon steel. Thanks for any advice.
  13. Marriages don't always work out…While she's being so lovey-dovey Ask for a new Harley Street Glide !!!!
  14. I see you have a system very similar to mine…hope yours is also working well……Good Luck, Stay Healthy !….Arthur
  15. Try John Stout..He lives in your town and is having a "Hammer-In " THIS weekend.
  16. I have a bunch of old HSS drills…If I put them in a can with 1084 powered metal will I end up with usable knife steel?….Thanks
  17. Funny situation….I have several knives finished for a show next month..all set except no finish on the handles..was planning on tung or Danish oil. I just found about a show in my area this Sat. Today is Monday..I won't return home until Fri…Stupid Question..What kind of finish can I put on Fri nite and be ready for a show Sat afternoon?? Thanks for any help
  18. I love my KMG…I use the flat platinum most of the time and found that replacing the lower steel wheel with a rubber one was very worthwhile ……Good luck
  19. Do it now before health issues like COPD catch up with you……….Easier, cheaper, and a lot less painful then medical care….Good Luck.
  20. My problem with your set up is that I live in drought country and wild fires are a real danger…I'm using a steel turbo and a steel bucket…with a little water inside , I can use this same system for both steel and wood
  21. My new dust collector..So fa it's working great...
  22. Hammer completely rebuilt by Sid…Never used, with two sets of dies…..located in Santa Fe, NM…under power, will demo. $3600 amyandarthur@aol.com
  23. I was a little surprised when the guy forging a blade from a file quenched it in water…...
  24. Been using bandsaws for 50 years now.....Today I finally got bit !! Thankfully I had a metal cutting blade in it not a big tooth wood blade....Stitches on my thumb hurt! BE CAREFUL !!!!
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