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  1. Who can forge down 2 1/8" W2 stock from Don Hansen? I have about 8 bars I need broken down and Michael Pikula isn't currently available to do it. Thanks, Art
  2. Sir, Are you still doing this service? I still have a couple of boxes of Don's W2 I'd like to get broken down.
  3. Exquisite, just what I've come to expect from you. I always wait in anticipation of your next knife. Then I search, then after too long a while I start to panic, then, finally my patience is rewarded.
  4. A beautiful knife for a lady. That realstone looks like turquoise.
  5. "And yes I know how dumb this is". This pretty much says it all. No matter what we say he's gonna do it. Or maybe this is a test to see how far the Bladesmith's Forum.com has come. Oh, I almost forgot, for 30 years I was a game warden. This is a bad idea on many levels.
  6. Beautiful set of knives. Very versatile style. Your last name is not hard to say. I pronounce it; Tomaszewski. Welcome, Art
  7. This is a tough one. Not a kestrel. Not colorful enough. Maybe a Merlin of the Taiga population. You live in Florida, right? How tall was the bird and how long was the wingspan? My best guess is a sharp shinned hawk. The wings are the key. If they are broad then it's the hawk. If they are more narrow like a fighter jet then I would tend towards the Merlin. They are both about the same size. -Art p.s. I thought you meant the choppin', wackin' one too.
  8. Thanks Ben, That was entertaining and informative.
  9. Beautiful times two. Glad to see your blades again.
  10. Thank you for your effort. I would rather it be done right, than right away. -Art
  11. Alan, At my guitar shop I bought a hand and finger exerciser that allows you to exercise all fingers together or one at a time. I prefer it over a rubber ball. Here's hoping for a fast recovery. -Art
  12. I love your carvings and feel blessed to be exposed to them. -Art
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