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  1. Excellent, I am inspired to get back in the shop again.
  2. Excellent work, really enjoy your style and the use of subtle textures and patinas in its execution. Jerry Fisher
  3. Im getting information over the top of the Forum,,, several statements, says Warning cannot modify header information and the forum is comming up without some information, just doesnt look like it did before this. Jerry
  4. Thanks guys, appreciate the information. Gerald where could I purchase the wax stick you mentioned? Jerry
  5. Have a small shop and no metal cutting band saw, so just purchased the DeWalt Portable Band Saw. What blades and tooth pattern are you finding most usefull. I purchased at local store and they had the Lennox Wolf brand, got the 14 tooth bi-metal, there was also a combo tooth pattern but have no experience with these. Any imput would be appreciated. Thanks Jerry
  6. Great looking knife, love the clean lines against the forge texture flats. Great overall package. Jerry
  7. Great overall package, but really love the blade, lots of character. Jerry Fisher
  8. WOW! What more can I say, what a great bunch of blades. Such a volume or work. Jerry Fisher
  9. Nicely done, love how the blade turned out. Jerry Fisher
  10. Great work as always. I believe this is the first time I have seen your blades with plunges. Love the whole package on both of them. Jerry Fisher
  11. Like the looks of that upswept blad, lookin forward to seeing how the whole thing turns out. Jerry
  12. Great start, looking forward to seeing this one done. Jerry
  13. Nicely done, love the textures and spine detail. Jerry Fisher
  14. Nice job Petr, great interpretation and excellent use of patina. Love the whole package. Jerry Fisher
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