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    I am a fulltime swordmaker. I make everything from Stage Combat pieces to Pattern Welded custom swords and other weaponry.

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  1. Hey guys! Just a couple days away! The shop is a mess right now. The grinding room is covered In Aluminum dust. I hope to be finished with all of that today and start the great clean up. Weather has been beautiful but of course it's getting colder as we draw closer to the event. Friday and Saturday look beautiful but Sunday is going to be chilly. Come prepared for all weather conditions. Can't wait to see everyone and hear what you have all been up to!
  2. Thanks fellas! Even though we are in a rush during these builds, we try to show as much ligit process as possible.
  3. Thanks fellas! Any of you that have attempted this sort of construction now how we must have felt doing it in such a sort time frame with no chance of recovering if we messed up. I can't wait to show you all the insanity that we do in a few of the future episodes. Some how we managed to step it up even more after this build.
  4. I know right? When we first agreed to make this we were going to just plasma cut the blade blank, but that would have still left an amazing amount of sculpting on the grinder so we just decided to go all out.
  5. In our current episode of MAN AT ARMS : REFORGED we tackle our toughest blade yet. Both the forging and the grinding were a true test of our skill. Keep in mind that we are given 6 days to make 6 builds for a season. The blade turned out pretty awesome. There were some wonky parts but all in all I was thrilled at the outcome. I hope you enjoy this build, Matt Stagmer
  6. Although the items are far out we will show a lot of good classical and modern techniques. We can't get away from some of the silly demo stuff at the end of each episode, but we tried to add as much process to each build to show as many different tools and ways to do things as possible. Oh and I promise not to say bad ass anymore ;-)
  7. We will have a designated time and place for sheet metal work.
  8. Patrick Hastings is coming. I'm pretty excited to see his work and meet him.
  9. We would love to have you and if you do decide to come, let me know if you would like to demo. Even if you don't do an official demo there is plenty of hands on time, but I'd like to list you as a demonstrator if you would like.
  10. Sorry Owen. I've been on Kerry since October to decide and post a date. We would love to have you one of these days.
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