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  1. Love this whole concept of doing this. Great grouping of talent. I know I will be watching.
  2. Check out our facebook for more photos. I will try to update as fast as I can.
  3. Here are a few pics from the "set up day" of Fire and Brisket.....er I mean brimstone This is what happens to the shop when the brisket is served. YUM!
  4. Don't worry we will update the thread with as much info as possible to make you feel like you are here.
  5. You are thinking too small. Ask Kerry if you can use his induction melter instead!
  6. It's been a long week. Can't wait to share the space with you all once again.
  7. Cool Sam!!! Bring mine to the hammer-in :)X
  8. Bring whatever you guys want but we have plenty of sledges and speakers!
  9. Rub the lettering with a little charcoal and see if you can make out what it says better.
  10. Amazing as always. I am digging the theme and I am in love with the habaki.
  11. Beautiful pattern! never thought of doing some turned pieces in the stack. Well done and thanks for sharing! Well done on the engraving too!
  12. Looks nice and clean to me Walter. Good to see your name!
  13. Not to mention the induction melter! Instawoots!
  14. I dont want the sword but I will buy your wagon wheels!!! Alan I help run a forum(pyracy.com) for pirate re-enactors. I will post it there and see what happens. A fair fair fair price!
  15. Good job Other Matt! And Jesus you just stay away from my anvil. Can't wait till you guys see my new anvil "stump".
  16. HT forge and if you can bring the cutting stand and some mats again. I think the cutting was a hit last year.Let me know if you need some $ up front for the mats. Bring some extra dowls this time though!
  17. I am just now allowing myself to get excited. Any requests from me? I figure this year I will do some grinding demos as always. I have seen some people ask about grinding fullers and polishing them out so I will do that again like I did on the cutlass last year. Hmmmm.
  18. Sorry. Just read the blog. I see. Different on each side. Neat idea!
  19. Wait...Im confused. Looking at it. One picture has a single wide fuller and the next picture its double fullered.
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