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  1. Wow....I think I love the scabbard even more then the sword and I love the sword!!!
  2. Sure, a hawk demo sounds great! Trust me this is a reality event. Things have gone wrong and its good for people to know that it doesnt always work out how you planned it. Adds to the fun. Loose too! Wow I guess I will start on the 'flaming beard only' seating section.
  3. Thank you Mr Salvati. I wasnt going for anything super detailed. Just a nice subtle dagger. Almost ranger like. I think I may make a matching long sword or maybe a leaf blade.
  4. Alan we would love to have you as a guest or a demonstrater.
  5. Thanks guys. Yes the INVICTUS is the only thing on the piece that is CnC. All the other parts were hand ground by me. The handle is rounded on the two faces and faceted on the sides. Just a nice little touch I tossed in there to go with the overall faceted theme of the piece. Nothing too fancy just nice subtle lines was my goal.
  6. It has been far too long since I last shared something on this forum. I figured this guy was a good start. This dagger blade is the very first thing to come off of our new CnC milling machine. This opens up new possibilities for us and we are quite excited to use it for everything from pattern welding to distal tapers. This dagger is based off of our production 16" blade. It features a custom ground guard, mahagony wood handle, an eight sided faceted spade pommel and of course "INVICTUS" engraved deeply into the blade. The sheath is brown leather stiched up the spine with a brass button. For more info please see our site here: http://imakeswords.com/invictusdagger.htm Thanks for looking and comments are more then welcome.
  7. Welcome. There is some neat grind work in the blade!
  8. I have seen tongs made a bunch of dif ways. Sam...you are the man! That is one slick process.
  9. You guys are killing me man! I am so upset that I missed this event and the gather of some of the industries greatest minds and talents. Lets call it car "issues" that plague me. I wont miss next year thats for sure. Great photos!
  10. Gloves and some vise grips and this baby will be done in no time. I held this a few stages ago at the Hammer-In. Will be a nice beefy blade. Deker don't bother scraping a guide line. I will show you a much easier method. Im getting the shakes now. Better bring her to me fast.
  11. O so sweet! Those are some healthy chunks of antler. What beast did they come from? Love your carving work. It has a look to it unlike much that is out there.
  12. I bet I am willing to pay more for that sketch book then Peter Raffle? j/k
  13. That is fantastic! Love everything about it. I want it badly. Baltimore = poe = ravens !
  14. I make one or two basket hilts a week and I make rapiers often. I will try to put together a tutorial for you guys. I will give youa hint though, its all about the torch work. The torch gives your sweeps a much more organic flow then just using a cold bender.
  15. Ha, your dreaming. I always plan to do this and that but by the end of the weekend I have ran around getting this or welding that, that I am so beat. I honestly think I am still tired from our event. Good luck my friend!
  16. Did I really see some blue anvils? <3 I enjoyed the photos alot! The videos were great too. Love the induction. We have had a large induction melter for some time now and I have never even turned it on. I am getting inspired.
  17. I am pretty sure that at level 17 you get an extra Z.
  18. Ha! I got some good pictures of you forging your nail with the hardy tool you brought. Our hammering munk/wizzard!
  19. Oh yum. The precious version of wootz. Nice JJ.
  20. Thanks for sharing those Sam. I have a lot of pics of fellas gathering around a fire with the same look as Jeff and Chris had in that last photo. Lots of plotting going on for sure.
  21. I am putting together a video. If you have any good ones please send them to me at 1stmatematt@gmail.com thanks. I have a few short videos uploaded on our facebook. http://www.facebook.com/baltimoreknife#!/baltimoreknife?sk=app_2392950137
  22. I cant wait for this event. I only wish I could make it over there myself. Take plenty of pictures and I promise to get my passport taken care of so I dont miss out on the next one.
  23. We are far from recovered here. We were back at full production Monday...Hell John M. was working on production swords all weekend during the hammer-in. I am getting ready to move my home this weekend aswell. We could all use a vacation but there is no time This event is a blessing. It's a ton of work and we put alot of money and time into it, but we charish having you all here and enjoying our shop with us. Sometimes we need the perspective of other makers to remind us how cool our shop and our daily buisness is. Can't say enough about the Brimstone Gang. Hope you all learned as much as I did!
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