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  1. Speaking of Sam. Sarah was so kind to email me this picture as I was not around to see it in person. Sam after taking a swig of moonshine...or was that the Glycerin?
  2. Remind me to barrow your workbox the next time JJ. JJ's Mokume that I patterned on the edge of a sander. Wootz closeup Jeff spark testing the wootz Sam posted a good video of the wootz cool down on his facebook. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1883303253266
  3. Sam cheating on the Ironkiss Paddy from the thermite smelt and a paddy from a wootz smelt. Me doing my thing James..."you can ring my belllllllll ring my bell". Wood turning on our new lathe
  4. Chris I am so stealing some of your photos for the websites. I will credit you though ... Pirate!
  5. added some more to the facebook. Still beat. Wait till you see the pics of Tony taking his new 50 lbs anvil through the airport and checking it as his bagage. Love it!
  6. I uploaded a few pics on the BKS facebook. facebook.com/baltimoreknife
  7. Need sleep so i will keep it short. Thanks to everyone who attended. Everyone and I mean everyone played a roll in making this event special once again. From the guys cooking food to the guys cooking steel it was an amazing time. Glad we got some neat stuff made and a ton of learning done. I am proud to have you all be the first to forge in our new shop. I cant imagine what it will be like with all the hammers running. Much much more coming tom once I sleep! Once again a big thank you and a your welcome!
  8. Should be a nice day 3. Snow looks like it is straying away from us now. I ground and polished a nice cutlass blade and made a hilt for it last night real fast. I plan on getting it all handled and sharp to let the guys try cutting with it after lunch. So much going on. So little time to type.
  9. Jesus applying his refractory Paul and Doug reducing charcoal Chricepricechopomatic3000 in good use! It now has sides that make it easier. The meeting of the minds ... Fleece vr Denim, round 1...Fight! Pre burn time! More to come...
  10. Day one in the books. Great day. Ended up doing more work then we originally planned for Friday but it was great. Got the Tatara prefired. Jeff did a pre run with the wootz smelting set up. Price prepped some wrought for blister. JJ made a nice mokume billet that Matt V is making the habaki for. I believe Larry forged a 1070 tanto blade for that habaki. John Mitchell made production swords all day. John Smith got to play on a power hammer for the first time. I ground some stuff here and there and set up. Tony Swatton forged a stake that he will use for a chape and locket for the 1070 cutlass blade that he made last year. Deker got some bars twisted for a traditional Viking seax and I ground a window into his Viking sword blade that he prepped last weekend(nice construction no faults that I saw). Paul Dubro and his apprentice Doug helped a ton by chopping charcoal all day. Nick set up his hammer and let the boys play with it...I will let them tell you about hat. Ted Banning got his 50 lbs power hammer set up and is ready to rock. Rick O got the Beaudry ready to fire. Rick J prepped a wood handle for a napped blade. Aldo supplied the masses with steel. Sam showed up late afternoon in complete shock. I think he still has the shakes. A few other guys did some hand forging on some blades. Doug served us all up some spectacular BBQ for din din and a few of us went to the local sushi place for desert and that is never a dull moment with this crowd and excellent food(Yamahana in Waverly Woods) And much more. I am sure that I missed a lot as I was doing this and that all day. I am beat but I thought I would upload a few pictures of the Tatara progress. John Mitchell did all of the brick work. Jesus mixed his home brew refractory and lined it then fired it.
  11. Just returned with Mr Swatton. We talked a bit about what he is going to do. Friday he will be making some tools as others are setting up. He will do some more throughout the weekend. He brought some kydex and some leather to do nice scabbards with metal chape and lockets. He wants me to extend to you all the option of bringing some of your knives and he will choose a few to do scabbards with that you will be able to take home. A nice gesture from him for sure! I hope some of you take him up on it or I will! He also brought some bronze to forge and some nickel sheet and some other things to play with. He also brought some things that he recently made for some movie stuff. He has Sweet Pea's shoulder armour from Suckerpunch. Him and I are also plotting on making a knife together and raffling it off during the weekend. We will see. God knows Tony is a work horse. I dare say I am getting excited. A talented group of craftsmen under our new roof. We may have to change the name of this event to the All-Star Hammer-In
  12. FYI we still have a few suprises in store for you. Only one hint...There is a hammer at the event that has nothing to do with forging. Sleep on that one!
  13. Matt V. was kind enough to bring a bunch of cutting mats on his on dime. He will be doing some cutting demos on Sunday during or just after lunch. He brought extra mats for guys to use. I am not sure how much it will be but a few $ will get you a mat or 2 to play with. Proceeds go to cover his cost and if there is any extra it will go to the event and food! So bring a little cash if you want to use his mats. Thanks Matt V. On another note...looks like the 2b wont quite be ready for the event. It is 99% good to go but that last 1% is crucial. The Beaudry should be live for the event and of course the IronKiss will be aswell. The Iron Kiss on it's new base is like a totally new hammer. Paul Dubro forged a bunch on it today and it worked quite nicely. We have a number of forges set up. Some at welding temp and some for general forging. A ton of anvils for you to play with. Please remember that this is our buisness and while we are willing to share our materials we still ask that you let us know what you are using. We will have a pile of steel for you all to use, just be mindfull that it is how we make our living. I am picking Mr Swatton up at BWI at 1 AM. See the rest of you soon!
  14. Sounds good. We will have specific demos going where we can't have others forging at the same time but basically there will be 3 or 4 forging stations with anvils and a forge for people to forge on throughout the weekend so I am sure we will put you to work most of the time that you are willing to do so.
  15. Just want to point out a few things. #1 Weather forcast is looking good but come prepaired for anything. It was even snowing a little on my way to the shop this morning. Looks to be overcast and mid 40's as of now. #2 This is an important one and applies to the most season vet all the way down to the novice. Please please please ask questions! Can be pre thought out questions or questions of a certain demo or anything. Turn to the person next to you and ask away and if he doesnt know then ask a demonstrator or an event staffer. We are all here to have fun but that will happen naturaly so make sure you get your questions answered. Not one person at this event will be upset at answering too many questions. We are all here to share and learn. To the demonstrators please go out of your way to seek out anyone that my have a puzzled look on their face and try to help them understand what's going on. I know that I end up learning at least half a dozen things each event that drastically change my life as a fulltime sword maker so ASK AWAY! #3 Show and tell items! bring them! You made...you bought it...you found it...bring it! I have some things updated on the website. Still dont know when certain things are going to happen exactly but I have a general schedule now up. Cheers!
  16. @ Matt, yes bring the cutting stand and targets if you will. I know some of the guys would dig that.
  17. I like the hammer texture. Well done. Esp for your first sword.
  18. We now are set up. Still plenty to move around and get in place but it is starting to feel like home. Tom we are back to making swords. We will of course do some more prep for the event but production must go on for the BKS boys. I can honestly say that I haven't seen so much of our shop floor in a longggg time. We moved our main HT forge out to the new shop area and out of our grinding / welding room. That took up 20% of our shop space or at least seemed that way. Rick Obbink is getting the Nazel 2b wired all up. John Mitchel was laying some more brick for the tatara. Loaded up a truck with about 1000 lbs in alloy webs for the scrapper. Must sleep now. Got some heavy days ahead of us, but I can't wait to hammer with you all!
  19. Oh the never ending Power Hammer adventures. I think my brother's goal is to have all the power hammers in the world have blue paint on them at some point Tom we will be finishing up construction and the weekend we will be focusing on getting tools in place and hammers set. Today is John's birthday so we gave hime off but I assume he will be at the shop waiting for me at sunup. On a hammer-in note, I hope to have the website completed with schedule by sat afternoon.
  20. I love you Ted Banning. I say bless it and you say enchant it. To each his own.
  21. We are already ahead of you my friend. I dont think we will do it on one of the main support beams, but it is certainly a tradition that we would like to carry on.
  22. I cant tell you how exciting it is to be under roof. The place looks fantastic. A ton of love went into this place and is still going into it. Somehow it feels much larger now that it is under roof and I can't wait to fire up some hammers and get forging. I think it is neat that you all will be able to share this space with us pretty much for the first time. We wont have much time to play in our new space before the hammer-in as we have a lot of production sword work to get done by then.
  23. Thanks fellas. I am trying to do a series of swords that are upgraded but not quite custom. Subtle details and smooth lines. Some of them teeter on being customs but are more of a starting point for a full blown custom. So much detail you can add to a sword that sometimes I find the subtle shapes more pleasing without all the bells and wistles. Thanks again!
  24. This blade is based off of our production 32" bastard sword. I then reshouldered it up about a half inch so that the fuller would run under the guard leaving the blade length at 31.5". I ground quite a bit of distal taper into this bladed and can be seen quite easy by looking at the tapered fuller. The blade is very sharp and quite swift. The balance point is 2" from the hilt leaving a light sword that is easy to wield with one hand but has enough handle for hand and a half uses. The handle is Tiger striped maple from the Paul Reed Smith factory and is left overs from their guitar blanks. The blade and the pieces were all highly polished and then hand scrubbed back to a satin. Overall Length: 41.5" Blade Length: 31.5" Blade Width at Guard: 2." Blade edge: Sharp Blade Thickness at Guard: 3/16" with some distal taper Handle Length: 5.75" Guard Length: 9.75" Pommel hieght: 2" Point of Balance: 2" Hilt & Pommel Material: Steel Grip Construction: Tiger Stripe Maple solid core / Bored-through Method Scabbard/Sheath: Not Included / see Christian Flecther Oakeshott Type: XVIa Guard Type: exaggerated Type 2 Pommel Type: Hammer faceted Type J Construction: Threaded Peenblock I will upload more pictures shortly and will add them here http://baltimoreknife.com/hammerinspecial1.htm Look forward to seeing many more upgraded customs like this from us. A recent demand on nicer blades has allowed us to keep the flow on higher end pieces in the shop. Look for an offical "upgraded" sword line from BKS in the weeks to come.
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